Thursday, March 22, 2012

More than I asked for...

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, Unto Him be the glory..." Ephesians 3:20

I teased today that I've prayed for head control, sitting alone, crawling and walking but I intentionally left out a typical milestone......climbing!!! First of all that's a tough skill. And secondly, this ain't my first rodeo and I know nothing but trouble comes from climbing! :-)

Today though God did what he often does and gave me a glimpse of the power He is more than capable of. He gave me more than I could ever imagine. You'd think I see this often with Asa's development.....and I do... But it's often a development of small skills. Today though, climbing was a gift out of nowhere.

I sat Asa at the table in chair....not his high chair. I left the room for just a few minutes and I heard a fork clinking a plate. But the plate and fork were across the table. I thought he might have scooted over to the next chair and stretched. This would be achievement enough! Instead when I walked back in and he's on top of the table!!! ON THE TABLE! We knew he could pull up on the back of the chair but only with bribes! He got up there so he could get to Gracie's leftover waffles and hot chocolate. He didntbwantnto eat them but he stirred and stirred. He stirred the hot chocolate too until he spilled it! As I was wiping it up I was trying to get him to say "uh oh". Those are sounds he can make he just needs to put them together. And he did mimic some. It wasn't perfect but it was something!

Look at that face! It's like he's saying "what's so crazy about this"!

After such a fun morning, Asa had Aquatherapy. He worked well and then about 40 minutes in he decided to leave the pool. And he did! He climbed out of the pool all by himself! He was playing on the stairs taking a break and the next thing you know he was holding onto the side and the handrail and climbing up to the next stair and kept going until he was sitting on the side! AMAZING!!!! He did this 3 times. He had trouble going up with his right leg leading. He may be difficult to work with next week!

And it's not just these wonders. For a while now I've felt a difference about Asa. He has always had very little motivation. We'd have to work so hard and bribe him just to get any kind of participation out of him. Slowly he's gained a little more independence but it's been hit or miss. In the last few weeks though he has blossomed. I think it has to do with the walker. He's gotten some confidence which has led to more indepence. It's a win-win!

Asa gets up and out of bed every morning. He's had the ability for a long time now but only a hand full of times had he gotten up alone. I'd spend 15 minutes sitting in his floor begging and bribing him to slide off the bed alone.

He will barely play in the floor with toys alone. Recently though, he's been playing in Gracie's room for a long time while she's at school.

It all makes me wonder what else He's got up his sleeve! I think I'd gotten into the habit of settling in my desires. I'd decided that God wanted us to be on a path that didn't include walking or running. I was comforted that His planned did seem to include health. That's asking a lot for a mito kid. No way I'd complain about a silly thing like not walking when we have health! But then, bam God let's me know He's not done yet and He is in control!


Debbie said...

He is amazing! (God and Asa!)

A great reminder that our God is waaaay bigger than Mito!

Thanks....xoxo Deb

Kim and Asa said...

Yes, He is Debbie! Your faith is so uplifting to me! Praying for you and Hudson daily! I'm so sorry he is so sick again. Praying you get some rest tonight my friend!