Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Walking!

How about more walking pics! These first 2 are from Friday. Asa headed right out into the woodsy tree line. Barry said "I never thought I'd say this but....Asa get out of the woods"!

These next few are from school today. He was in PE when I went in so I snapped a few pics. They were playing with a big parachute. As they left Asa walked over to the PE teacher for what she assumed was a hug. When she bent over Asa grabbed her and turned her towards the parachute while picking his leg up and trying to climb her! Lol! He didn't want to leave or stop playing! I'll also say that when the PE teacher sees Asa pitching a fit in the hallway and she calls him out, he stops! On a dime stopping! I asked if I could take her home!

As I dropped Asa off today he pushed his walker over to the corner of the room with the kitchen stuff...stove, dishes, fridge. It's not exactly wheelchair friendly but with the walker Asa could get right to the play sink and dishes. Before the footplate would hit and he would not hold on alone standing up. I didn't get any pick of that because was living in the moment! Sorry maybe tomorrow!


Debbie said...

Way to go Asa!

What an awesome day, and incredible sight to see him walking! Happy for you guys to see such progress.

Anonymous said...

Listening to 'I will rise' as I was looking at the pictures! Perfect! Love that hard working little guy! DeeDee

Krissy said...

How amazing!!