Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sick day

Asa missed school again yesterday. I don't think he's made it a whole week all month! It started out with what I assumed was allergies. Everything growing here popped out in flowers and leaves and we all started sneezing and itchy eyes. Only we all got over it and Asa would get better and then get sick again. He'd run a slight fever every few days. Coughing and congestion. Not really sick but not feeling good. When I picked him up on Monday his teacher said he just wasn't himself. He kept laying his head down and very noodlely.

When I started getting him ready for school on Tuesday I noticed he was warm. I checked and sure enough he had a slight fever. Just enough to keep him home. I called the ped. He called me back nd we went over symptoms. He's thinking sinus infection so I'll pick up an antibiotic today. Anna asked if the truancy board would throw me in jail for Asa missing so much. I'm guess no....I'm hoping no!

So instead of school we took pics today!

Could this be why he stays sick?! Just kidding, he's not a toe sucker but Cade was telling him to bite his toes. He could get both feet to his mouth at the same time! Bendy!!!

He LOVES tape so in a desperate moment I gave him a roll of medical tape! He immediately began wrapping his knee. He actually did this twice.....wonder if his knee hurts? Lol

And in a brief moment of self play he used the treadmill as a desk! The treadmill might as well be useful for something!

And I don't have pics but when Barry came in Asa scooted over to him and using Barry's legs he pulled up by himself! And we have seen him pull up in so many chairs.....his recliner, the kitchen chair, the deck chairs. He getting VERY brave!!

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