Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm not a huge fan of change. Even good changes take some adjustment and I kinda just like a nice smooth hum kind of life! I'm sure this makes me seem pretty boring and even down right depressing to some of you! That's OK by me though!

Asa's life is kinda like the movie "Groundhog's Day". He goes to bed about the same time, wakes up about the same time, eats the same things at the same time....very routine. When there is a change in the routine I can gaurentee something is stirring. Sometimes its a bad thing like a cold or bug but it can also mean a development surge.

Recently Asa tried to change his sleeping routine. He was horrible going to bed. He was up hours later than his norm. He was restless and stirring in his sleep. He got up this morning before 5 am and from the looks of things he'd been up a while just playing in bed. He has also stopped eating. He will only take his Elecare formula by mouth. He has some interest in food but not an appetite or huge desire for food. He had been doing so well too! :(  He is more gaggy and constipated too. Just not a happy tummy.

For a while I watched these signs and waited on the other shoe to drop. He did get a slight stuffy nose but nothing horrible. No other signs of sickness.

But he has had a big surge in some developmental skills! He got out of bed and scooter to his door on Tuesday.....first time in months and only the 3rd time ever. He is much steadier when walking and holding hands. And don't forget about using the adult walker on his own! BTW, he still won't use the kid size walker at school! He stood alone in a chair at the table while he watched it snow. He played outside Saturday as we hung Christmas lights. He rode in his power wheel car, walked in the gait trainer and scooted all over. He even scooted out of the yard and into the taller weeds in the tree line! He was on an adventure! He is doing some really hard work in aqua therapy!

So it seems that while his body is working so hard in these gross motor areas, his body has to give a little in other areas. Its typical mito, actually. Only so much energy to go around! Now I could be wrong and he could wake up in the morning sick but so far so good. This seems to just be one of those happy times of change!

And in another area of change.... after Christmas we will start looking at other school/class placement for Asa. He has really outgrown his class. I love his class, his teachers, his school but just like a moma bird pushes the baby bird out of the nest, its time for his teachers, therapies and us to push him beyond his comfort zone. Please pray that we find the right fit. That we have wisdom to make the right choices. And this is nothing that has to happen now. We just need to reevaluate! I'm praying this is another change that while it may not be fun, will turn out great!!

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