Monday, December 12, 2011

Pulling up!

Our Christmas tree has a button we step on o turn the lights on. Asa pushes the button with his hands to light the tree. This morning Asa was sitting in the floor in the living room and I told him to turn the tree on. He scooter over to it but then scooter back to where I was curled up in the recliner. He reached up and tried to pull up. Usually I have to hold a hand and give him support while he untangled his legs and feet. This morning though, he grabbed my leg and the chair and pulled up on his own! He has done it 3 times today!! Oh and after he pulled up he turned his back to me, took my hands and pulled me so I'd get up. We walked to the tree where he tried his best to stomp on the button! He never did hit it though because his balance and coordination are awful! :-)

On the GI front, Asa kinda self weaned off foods. He just drinks the Elecare formula now and we offer him bites when we eat. Many times he refuses our offer. We have noticed that when he does eat he gets a rash around his mouth and often has diarrhea even though he is chronic ally constipated! We know he had blood test that showed food allergies. We pulled those foods but didn't really see a change. Now that he pulled the foods from his diet himself it seems like we are noticing a reaction.

I'm so worn out over eating issues. He prefers the formula, its faster and easier and apparently his body likes it better. I'm finding it hard to sit for 30-45 minutes and coax him into eat 80 calories when he needs 280 per meal. Its like a never ending feeding cycle! He loves to have a cup while we are in the van driving to and from school. They offer him food at school and he does eat better for them but they get to give him treats like pudding since he's already had his complete nutrition. Its so hard to push feeding real food! I just play it by ear! We never don't give him food if he wants it but we don't waste time forcing it either.

I feel like I'm leaving it on a downer part of the update but overall things are going well!

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mom2m4boys said...

Wow that is amazing, how wonderful to see him be so strong and pull himself up! Way to go tough guy!
Amy DeMeyer