Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting on videos

I've been thinking I would take videos for this post but so far that hasn't happened. I've got to make it a priority though because I don't want to miss these milestones. Asa is doing some great gross motor work lately!

A few days after he started aqua therapy my dad gave him an adult walker and Asa took off with no one holding him!

Last week I put a set of Walking Wings on him and he took off with no one touching him! In case the link doesn't work... its a vest (?) with straps that come up at the shoulders so parents hold the straps while the baby walks without holding hands. This is the first time Asa would walk without holding onto someone. We've had the Walking Wings for a long time but Asa just would not let go of the hands! He'd have a complete panic attack. Now he just toddlers along. He really looks like a puppet. His muscles and joints are loose and he is uncoordinated so he is wobblely as everything but he is not afraid to try! That's a huge step! Now just to get video!

Asa is also cruising along furniture without holding onto our hands. Again, this is new and he is being very brave!

He is also holding one of my hands and using the other to cruise along. Last night he held my hand and cruised along the kitchen using the cabinet handles. This required him to take a few shuffles between handles while only holding one hand! So amazing!

I'm so glad we started the aqua therapy when we did because Asa is having a great surge in gross motor skills and having the extra therapy can only help.

He is also getting quite good at getting off the furniture we put him on. He gets out of bed by himself, off the couch, off the recliner, etc. This has mixed blessings but it is all very welcome!

He is not eating solids still but has increased the Elecare. So much so that he is almost out and a new shipment can't be delivered until next week! I called the GI and they should have sent new orders to the HHC so we can bridge the gap. I just didn't realize how quickly an extra cup here and there would add up. Hopefully they'll deliver some extra tomorrow!

He is also sleeping weird! He is staying up late or waking up early, like 4am early. This morning he was so funny even at 4! He woke up and I went in to lay down with him. He just kept "talking" and making funny hand gestures. His talking is grunts, sighs and hums but it is adorable. He was definately telling me some stories! I wanted to eat him up....for 15 minutes and then I just wanted him to go back to sleep!

I'll add videos to my "to do list" tomorrow!

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The Martin Family said...

That is awesome to see him taking such great gross motor strides. It helps give some peace of mind that therapy really does work and that he's capable of moving forward. What an amazing time for him! Congrats to all. Merry Christmas, Lori Martin