Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Grinch

"Christmas Grinch" is what Anna is calling me. She says this because we have no presents under our tree. I take that back, in October Gracie found things around the house that we'd all like and she wrapped them up for us. Those presents are under there.

I've bought gifts. They are stashed in our bedroom. They know the gifts are in there. I just haven't wrapped them. Initially, I was waiting until I had bought a decent amount so i only had to drag out the paper and tape and bows once or twice. But as I noticed how disturbed the kids were by the naked tree my reasoning changed. Some kids have empty trees all season, only getting gifts when a charity delivers donated gifts. Or maybe there are no donations and the tree stays naked even past Christmas morning. My kids know they have presents ready to go under the tree but many kids are left to wonder.

I think we already keep it pretty simple and meaningful. "Santa" only brings 3 gifts because baby Jesus only got 3 gifts. We also only give 3 gifts. They make their wish lists out carefully! Still, I think there is room to simplify, to appreciate our blessings. There are many times that my own wish list gets out of control but it doesn't take long for me to remember that we have all our "needs" met and then some!

I'll get to the wrapping but not until they have some awareness of the blessings we have. And we are already talking about Christmas being different next year. 

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