Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Christmas

We've had a great Christmas and a terrific break! Barry has been off work since last Thursday. We've all enjoyed our "staycation"! We've stayed up late, watched movies, eaten junk food and stayed in pjs all day! Its been great!

Santa brought Asa a handy red recliner. He likes it! I love it!! He hasn't really used it during a sick time but I think he will.

Santa brought Gracie a hunting bow and target. She's been asking for one for 2 years! We don't hunt so she's just using it for target practice. She's pretty good too!

She practiced all day and even packed her own stuff up. My dad put Asa in the wheelbarrow and he happily watched Gracie for a looong time!

Anna got clothes.....lots of clothes! And Cade got an iPod touch. They're just too big for pics and blogging!

I saw this cool idea on Pinterest and knew Asa would love it! Barry's parents got new recliners for Christmas and Asa got a happy box! :-)

He even talked my mom and dad into playing in his house. Moma would try to sit up and talk to me and Asa would push her back down. Daddy helped him make it even more festive and Asa was trying to wrap the lights around himself!

Asa loves lights and I bought a kit that has adapters for 3 outlets and a remote. The remote turns on or off whatever is plugged into outlet. We plugged in a lighted angel in one, a string of lights in one and a hanging string of lights in the 3rd. Asa could turn on and off random lights and he LOVED it! He would crack up when he made it work. It was adorable! Then he lost the remote! We looked in every nook and cranny and dug in the garbage but it is nowhere! Unless he put it in a gift bag under the tree and we didn't notice. I still haven't given up all hope but it is looking like its gone!

Asa also got a Hot Wheels Wall Tracks. Its a Hot Wheel set that attaches to the wall. The first time I hung it too high. it was made for a stander. I had to adapt it since Asa is a sitter. He loves it! I mean he is laughing eveytime and will play for 15 minutes at a time....and alone! He even put a ball in it all by himself. Pretty creative! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from the Browns in Martin. Thanks for sharing your Christmas via internet with us. The giggles of Asa are worth a million! Granddaddy Mike is a sport to fold up in Asa's box! Fun memories! Trust our Lord's continued blessings on all of the family in the new year! Love to all! DB & MB