Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best birthday ever!

My birthday was Sunday. I'm not much for big celebrations at all. I don't need tons of gifts either. At this point I consider it a great bday if I don't have to change diapers or cook! And I don't think I did either on Sunday! Moma fixed a yummy bday lunch of my favs. I got tons of Facebook wishes. My partner in crime with the kids at church, Yvette, got me a cookie cake and the kids all sang and gave me a card. Anna sent me a sweet bday text. Cade and Gracie said they would have but I won't give them a phone! And I took a 30 minute nap! That's what I call a rocking bday!

But Asa gave my a wonderful gift too! While we were at Moma's for lunch, Daddy got out a walker my grandmother has used. I looked up and here comes Asa just walking away with it! Daddy was just supporting the walker so it wouldn't roll away since Asa had poor control! When he uses a child's walker he will barely hold the handles without us holding on too. He will do it with us but he is usually very MAD about it. And with the gait trainer he wants the chest prompt to lean against. He usually demands all the support we will give him! Well, just check out the video:

I can't believe how strong he has gotten! One night he was sitting and playing at the bottom of the stairs. Once I glanced his way and didn't see him. Then I saw him on the first step! I started yell and calling everyone around. I could hardly believe that a kid who can't stand or crawl on his own could climb a step. As I shouted and celebrated Gracie came to see what the fuss was about. When she saw me losing my mind she said "oh, yeah, I put him up there earlier"!! Hahaha, they really got me!

And lastly I just have to share a blog post from my friend, Clara-Leigh, with you! I just loved it so much! I hope you do too!


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Clara-Leigh said...

And happy birthday to you!! Mine is today, so let's have some cyber-cake together!!! And yes, I am now 37......big deal!! It's not the years that count anyway, RIGHT??? It's the love and fun in the years!! This accomplishment of Asa's is TREMENDOUS!! I had NO IDEA he could do that!!!! He was obviously so stinkin' proud!!! To heck with those expensive kids' walkers and chairs....get out granny's drug store walker and let it roll!! I am just giddy inside reading this and watching him go!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my last blog. At least this little boy we have keeps us laughing!!! I appreciate you sharing it as well!! Hope you have a great rest of the week!! Much love and a big (((((BIRTHDAY HUG)))) !!!!