Monday, March 7, 2011


We are getting ready for the Mito-What? 5K! It turns out that running outside is much harder than running on the treadmill! And we live near hills! Who knew!! Anna and I tried to do 3.1 miles today but we got a later start and had to get back before Cade and Gracie got off the bus. We did 2.94 miles in......43 minutes! We are slow! I guess we still have 2 weeks to get faster. If I'm that slow I'm just doing the 1 mile! At last check there was 270 people registered but there is still room for you if you want to come!! Or sign up as a runner and just be a virtual runner. The money goes to the UMDF no matter if you show up or not!!!

And I got all the sponsors I needed to be a Mito Hero!! I'm working on a little something for my sweet sponsors but well, I'm slow and easily distracted! Still, my goal is to be finished before the race! In the meantime, thank you all so much!

This time in 2 weeks, we'll be Houston! I finally got the EMU recording and report from Asa's EEG that was done in July 2010. I wanted Dr. K to see a whole "episode" from start to finish. You can clearly see that Asa is upset and it is noted in the report but I wish it had sound and a better view of Asa's face. Oh, well.

We also got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that one of the Drs. we wanted to see is going to be out of town. This was the neuro who specializes in autism. I'm really not sure what she was supposed help us do but now we won't see her. I did get some names of psychologist here who may be helpful. I'm just really confused if we need to go this route. Maybe he is just a high maintance kid and spoiled rotten. Or maybe he does have some behavior and mental issues that need to be addressed. I flip from one theory to the other hourly!

Speaking of his behavior.....this morning I spent the day picking him up, putting him down, letting him walk around holding my hands, putting him in chairs, taking him out of chairs, round and round, over and over! I finally gave up and just stopped. Can you guess what happened next?! Yep, screaming and screaming! I can tell he is frustrated that he can't get around on his own. I'm sure that's not all the problem but it is a big part. I finally put the seat back in his gait trainer and he was able to walk around but then sit down when he got tired. This was better. I also brought in a little car and he rode around on it for a minute. The whole time I was cooking supper though, he scooted around me trying his best to sit on my feet! It is soooo good to be soooo loved!

Oh and also while I was cooking supper and Asa was trying to sit on my feet and climb my legs, the insurance company called. They wanted to remind me that they cover well child visits and their records indicated that Asa was past due for a check up! HAHAHAHA! The guy was nice and I let him do his speech, then I assured him Asa was up to date on his check ups and then some! He told me I could go to their website if I needed help with any other issues we were having! Oh, if only it was that simple!!! He did remind me that I need to follow up with our case worker to be sure things are in place for the Houston trip.

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Anonymous said...

I spy another "joy blessing" from our great God! Kim, your delight and positive spirit are SO refreshing! Keep those "Mama" hopes, dreams, and prayers going! I feel God is continuing to bless [even when the days are hard] because you are giving all credit to each inchstone to HIM! We continue to pray, too! Love you all, Mrs. Margaret