Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm only blogging as a way to procastinate getting ready for our Houston trip in 2 days!!! How's that for motivation! I've got medical records, test results, insurance forms, directions and ALL my questions to gather for our trip. I know where most of the needed info is but I need to get it all together. And don't even mention the packing of clothes, foods, meds and stuff! Yep, I better get busy.....tomorrow!

This has been a busy week just as I predicted! Asa got a haircut today. This is usually a very dramatic even!! I was ready for much of the same today. Instead it went really well. Of course, he did cry and squirm and want away but not more than any other kid I don't think. Oh, and he kept pushing the super sweet and speedy stylest. It still took the stylest, me and the other stylest to get the job done. Again, it was not near as bad as usual! Maybe the Zoloft is helping really him!

When I picked Asa up from school on Wednesday, his PT stopped and chatted. We've been going back and forth about getting a manual wheelchair vs a walker for Asa. On one hand he CAN walk with support but he gets so tired and he only likes the support of feeling your hands on him! I'm not sure a walker would help out too much. It would still be a ton of work for him and that takes some of the fun out of it. I think it'd be like us sprinting everywhere we go instead of just walking. That sure doesn't sound fun to me!

A wheelchair on the other hand would let Asa have some freedom to move and explore without having to do so much work. He would be comfy and supported and hopefully enjoy playing on his own. Maybe that would end some of his frustrations. But.....having a chair doesn't mean we'd give up on him walking!!! He'll still have PT and I'll still hunch over and walk him as much as I can but when I give out, he'll have a way to go on his own. Sooooo, yep, we are starting the process of getting Asa a wheelchair. It's a mixed bag of emotions for sure.

We got home from school yesterday and the weather was so wonderful. I knew Asa would want to be outside. We got out of the van and he took off walking with my help. It was only a second later and something freaked him out! I have no idea what happened but he got soooo sick. He was gagging, drooling, spitting up yucky stuff. He wanted up and then down but couldn't stand or walk. Anna got his Power Wheel but he didn't want that either. I tried swinging him and playing on the playground but he was still sick and unconsolable. He wouldn't let me come in or put him down. Finally I put him in the jogging stroller and he settled right in and pointed to the front yard!! He continued to sit and watch from the stroller. He was still gagging and spitting up but he was happy at least. I still don't know what was happening but I was just glad to be able to settle him after 30 minutes!!

I'm sure I had more to say but now my eyes are closing in a hint to go to bed!!! I'm sure I'll need a good distraction tomorrow though!

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Sarah said...

I think the wheelchair is a great idea! i hope that it helps him with some independence!