Friday, March 18, 2011

Is it Spring Break yet?!

The weather has been wonderful here this week. Lots of 70 degree weather and sunshine! The trees are blooming and buttercups are everywhere! This kind of weather could really spoil a girl!! Asa loves it too! He doesn't want to come in the house when we come in from school. He wants to stay outside and play! Who can blame him!

One day we got out of the van and I started helping him walk. For some reason he got freaked out and started getting sick. He wanted to be held but not be held. He wanted to walk but couldn't handle walking. He was just a fussing, puking mess! We tried his Power Wheel car but that didn't work either. I tried to swing him but that didn't work either. I finally put him in the jogging stroller that was on the porch. He settled right in and pointed in the direction he wanted to go! So funny, he knew he didn't want to go inside, he didn't want to just sit, he was too tired and sick to play. So he rode, I pushed, he puked some and then he felt better! Now he was ready to play. He played in the swing, he slid down the slide and he played in the clubhouse up high! I have pics but when I rechecked them, there was a little puke on his shirt so I'll spare you from that! You're welcome!

Today was another exciting day and our village grew by 300+ people! As an awareness and fundraising project I asked our local elementary school to sponsor a "Dress Down for Mito" day. If the kids donated $1 to the UMDF then they could dress out of their uniform and wear jeans! I have to say that I love our school! All my kids have gone there and you won't find better teachers who really love their kids!! So with some apprehension I asked our principal if we could have this dress down day. I was relived when she whole heartily agreed! So we set the date for today, the Friday before spring break. The school also arranged a concert with an anti-bullying theme. So Barry, Asa and I were at the school bright and early. A couple of the teachers introduced Asa to their class and then we were introduced before the concert. The concert was great but it was loud and Asa didn't get into that! He handled way more noise than I thought he would though! But anyway, I'm getting distracted! By the end of the concert they had the total for the "Dress Down" day.....$360!!!! Can you believe that!! That's more money than students! So cool! And I had the opportunity to talk to several groups of kids as they left the assembly. One little boy asked how mito affected Asa and when I told him that Asa's muscles were tired and weak and he couldn't walk or talk, the little boy said "Wow, if I'd known that I would have given you my whole check, like $114 dollars!". How sweet is that! I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful community. We are a rural area and a small school but with they sure do have the biggest hearts!

Before the assembly started Asa had the best time! I helped him walk all over the gym. There are number spots on the floor so the kids know where to line up and Asa walked over and walked all the way down the number line, even under the roped off section for the concert sales!! It was easy for him to go under the rope, not so easy for me! He kept going to the padded part of the wall under the basketball goal. Finally I stood him against it and he just stood there laughing and playing and slapping his hands! I did get a great pic of him! I hate the full length one is so blurry! After all this excitement it was a tough day of school for him! I think he took a nap, they drained his belly and was still pretty crabby! Bless Asa's teachers hearts!! Bless ALL the teachers hearts! That's OK, spring break starts now! :)

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