Monday, March 21, 2011

Houston Day 2

At 5:50am Barry woke me up and asked me what time I was getting up. I answered 6am. Then Asa started crying so we began the day early!!

Our GI appt was at 9:30. We took the hotel shuttle at 8:30. We got to the clinic early but I'd rather be early than late any day! Unfortunately the doc was running late!! At 10:30 he had still not come into the room. By the time the action started up Asa was back in the stroller. They did the whole exam with him in the stroller and he didn't shed a tear!!!! Dr. Rhoads even sat up on the exam table and Asa just stared at him! Asa didn't know what to think about that!!

He really didn't have much new info to offer. He talked about adding more Reglan. We may try that. And that's about it. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm not sure what I was expecting.

When we left the clinic I called for the shuttle. It was gonna be 20 minutes so we (I) decided we could walk back in that time. It was a nice day and we could see the city if we walked. What I didn't realize is that I underestimated the distance to the hotel!!! It was 2 miles!!! We walked down the side walk of a busy city street, in the wind for 2 miles and Asa didn't get sick at all! He loved it! We got back to the hotel and wanted to rest a little while but he kept crying and signing "go"! So we changed into shorts and headed back out to the zoo. This time we drove! We tried to find a McD's or CFA for a hour but came up empty so when we got to the zoo at 2, we were starving!!! And yes, we paid $30 for 3 burgers and fries! Crazy but we were desperate!! Since it is the only food we've bought all day, I guess it averages out!

The zoo was great! It must be frog mating season and Gracie enjoyed the snake house way too much!!! She was so excited about all the animals and just bounced from place to place! She'd say "come on Asa, let's go look over here" just like he could really follow her around. She left her ipod in the van so I had to use my phone to take her pics. Now I've got tons of blurry animal pics I need to send to her! I gave the mating frogs their privacy though!

Asa did so great at the zoo. Again, there was lots of noise and the wind but Asa never fussed. Not even a whimper and he didn't have a paci the whole time!! Before we left Barry and Gracie got an ice cream cone and Asa and I split a snow cone. It must have given Asa a brain freeze because he squished up his eyes and put his fist to his forehead. When I asked if it hurt his head, he'd grunt and put his fist back to his face! It was so funny! I tried to video but it isn't good.

I was so impressed that Asa handled all this stimulation so well. I even noticed and was thankful that he was laughing in the elevators when those used to make him so sick! But, as we left the zoo, for no reason at all, he started with an episode! UGH! I drained him as we drove back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we see Dr. K at 9am and Dr. P at 1:30. I had hoped to buy tickets for the train that goes around the park so we could ride between visits but you can't buy them for the day ahead. And the ticket stand is on the opposite side of the park from the hospital. Sooooo, do you think I can convince the family to walk across the park, buy train tickets and ride back to the hospital?! After today, I doubt it!

I'll spare you the pics of the zoo. Trust me a camera phone doesn't capture the magic of animals sleeping at the zoo!


~Jana~ said...

I doubt you will see this before morning but maybe you will. You do not have to buy tickets for the train before you get on. You can get on the train at the stop across the street from the hospital without a ticket. You ride over to the main train depot, buy your tickets and then get back on to return to your original stop.

Kim and Asa said...

~Jana~, yay!! Thanks for the info!!! Hopefully we'll bump into each other! Thank you!