Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Houston Day 3

Whew, I knew today would be a long day but I didn't realize just how long!

I had a massive post ready, hit post and it disappeared!!! I can not do it all again!

Dr. K was awesome as usual! We need to follow up with the eye doc at Vandy because something weird is going on. She ordered bloodwork. We can come back in a year.

Dr. P was fun. While I don't feel we have a ton of issues I guess if you start looking at the allergy stuff it adds up. She ordered lots of bloodwork. So much bloodwork that the lab tech couldn't do it all at once. We will have Dr. K's done at home.

We rode the train around the park between appts. Despite the pics Asa really like it!

Asa took a nap before we saw Dr. P. This is when Gracie lost her iPod! There is tons of funny conversations to go with that story! She told Barry, "Daddy, that happened in the past, this is now. If something happens a few minutes ago, it is the past. I guess I've just been to school longer than you"!!! Whew girl!! Don't worry she is still alive but only because Barry is busy looking for the extra set of van keys that he lost!

We will get up super early in the morning and head home! Please pray for safe and uneventful travel! Ok, time to pack!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

Gracie is too funny!!! Have a safe trip home.

Clara-Leigh said...

That Gracie!!!!! Those girls give us a run for our money!!! Reminds me of Ainslee telling me, when she was 5, "Mommy, I love you as much as I CAN!" Hhhhmmm....
Glad you made the time in Houston as fun ad you could.
I LOVE to see that train....our favorite activity in Houston!!!!
Prayers and love,

Kyla said...

We're native Houstonians and we're about to start seeing Dr. K, too. :) Houston can be a pretty fun place...even on days full of doctor visits in the med center!

shawna said...

Wow, we had the same schedule in Houston that you did. We saw Dr. Rhoads on Monday, and Dr. K and Dr. P on Tuesday. I wish I would have read this earlier. I would love to meet a few Mito families.