Sunday, March 20, 2011

Houston Day 1

We headed out for Houston at 4am this morning! This is the first trip we've planned to drive all the way on one day! 11 hours, that's how long our drive was supposed to be and Barry was worried that if things didn't go smoothly we'd end up getting to Houston at midnight!

The plan was for Gracie to sleep in Asa's room with him last night and then we'd just stick them both in the van, still half asleep and head out. I got up at 3am and by 3:15 Gracie popped out of Asa's room and said "Me and Asa are ready to go!". WHAT?! She was up and ready to go but Asa did stay asleep until the last minute. Neither went back to sleep right away in the van though.

Gracie finally settled in for a nap. She looks pretty cozy if you ask me! Asa had taken a nap earlier to I was happy they both had a little catch up sleep.

Asa had diarrhea for the first part of the trip. We had to stop and change his diaper 4 or 5 times! At the last diaper stop he got freaked out by all the big trucks going by and he started getting sick. Instead of him puking all over the carseat I hooked up a drain bag. Thankfully this kept the puke from coming and it also zonked him out! This is after he woke up and was playing with the extension tube. We'd given him a sucker to try to keep him happy. It didn't keep him from getting sick but he would not let go of it! When he woke up he would put the sucker in his mouth and then the tube! It was so funny!

As soon as we got settled into the hotel Gracie turned on the TV and Asa snatched up the remote!
We ordered pizza delivered to the room (something that never happens in the country!) and watched The Blind Side on TV. While we ate Barry picked up his Dr. Pepper bottle and Asa signed "more" and pointed to the Dr. Pepper! Barry tried to give Asa his juice but signed "more" and pointed to Barry's bottle! Yep, he got a little watered down Dr. Pepper in his cup!

In the morning we will see Dr. Rhoads a GI that Dr. Koenig recommended. We'll have tomorrow afternoon free since another doc had to cancel on us. We are thinking a trip to the zoo may be in order. Tuesday will be busy with a morning visit to Dr. K, the mito doc and then immunology in the afternoon. I think we are all ready to crash tonight!


Ash said...

Glad to hear you made it safe! Good luck with the upcoming appointments.

Clara-Leigh said...

Thinking of you all!!!

~Jana~ said...

Hi Kim,

Ive followed your blog for a few months now. We have an appt with Dr K in the morning as well. Maybe we (and our boys) will get to meet in person. ;)