Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why does God allow suffering

I follow a couple of blog regularly. OK, who am I kidding, I follow a dozens of blogs regularly! I've actually been very blessed to have some powerfully strong moma's that blog about their journeys and faith on my blog list! These two things don't always go hand in hand but I've been delighted to find many who use a strong faith to get through the struggles of life. I find encouragement in their knowledge of mito and special needs but even more so in their faith and love of our God.

A recent blog find is "Adapting Creatively". It has some great ideas for special needs families. I was pleasantly surprised to find this post on faith and suffering yesterday. I could have written it myself, it is that close to my heart. I'm just glad Rose-Marie beat me to it or you'd have to endure my typos, poor grammar, run on sentences and apparent LOVE for exclamation points!!!! SEE! Please, please take a moment to click the link and read even if you aren't the parent of a special needs child. There are all types of suffering and at some point you'll likely struggle to understand. It'd be great to have this message engraved in your mind for those times!

And the song that is quoted is one of my favorites! I adore Natalie Grant and "Held" brings me to tears each and everytime I hear it! It ranks right at the top of my list of songs for encouragement. Right up there with JJ Hellers "Your Hands". Sometimes we get the wrong idea about God, faith and struggles. We will struggle and suffer but the difference in a Christian's and a non believers struggles is that a Christian will not struggle alone! That is my encouragement!

And on an Asa note: His pink eye looks much better! The bad news is the pink eye seems to be replaced by a cold or virus! He has had a fever all day. Now both eyes are sad little sick eyes. He is coughing and sneezing and his reflux, poor appetite and DGE are all acting up. Other than a crabby few hours he has been pretty happy today. He played upstairs with Cade and Gracie for a while this morning. He got fussy and pointed upstairs so up we went. I sat him down and started playing with him and Gracie started telling me that I didn't have to stay with him. After about her 3rd suggestion I did come back down and he had a blast with them! Such a big boy!!!

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I'm so honored that you shared the link to my post with your friends! Thanks so much!

I'm glad you found a connection with it...and am also quite sure you would have done a more eloquent job than me of getting that same message across. :0)