Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Asa's room

I was so happy to move Asa to Cade's old room. But then after a few weeks he stopped sleeping. It was hard to rock him to sleep and then he'd wake up as we put him in the crib. He'd wake up during the night and we'd do the whole process over again. There were many nights that I slept in the recliner with him on top of me and my neck all crooked. And I even tried to sleep on the floor with him but he thought that was play time. I was tired!!!!

I wanted to move Asa to a big bed so that I could at least crawl in with him. If I couldn't sleep in my own bed at least I'd be in a bed! We can't let him cry it out because he ends up puking from crying too much. The only thing worse than not sleeping is cleaning up puke and bedding and not sleeping! With Asa's tone and lack of gross motor skills he can't get out of bed and stand, sit or crawl. He can roll and buck and that really takes him places! Like off the couch, out of the recliner, down the stairs! And there are a ton of special needs beds but they are pricey out of pocket and insurance takes forever. Plus it seems kidda like a lot of effort when we really on need something that will contain him. The SN beds are awesome with adjustable height so parents don't have to bend over and pick up a heavy child. It'd also be handy to have a bed with the head elevated so Asa's reflux is better controlled.

After thinking all our options over and shopping in stores and online I came up with my own solution. It probably wouldn't be a good idea for a kid who is much stronger than Asa but a kid much stronger can probably handle a regular type bed.

So here are some pics!

Asa is smiling behind the paci! He kept scooting in front of me while I was taking pics so I put him on the bed and he was happy. He has also started this silly thing where he moves the paci to one side of his mouth. It reminds me of Popeye and his pipe!

The foot of the bed. His toy shelves fit perfectly along the end. This only works because he doesn't end up at the end of the bed often and he isn't strong enough to turn it over. This would be a bad set up for most any other kid and I'm looking for a shelf to fit here. I'm waiting on all of this organization stuff to go on clearance at Target soon!!

The head of the bed. These are the letters Gracie painted and I hung over the baby bed. I may lower them or find some wall clings that I could hang lower. More likely I just won't worry about it!

The view from the door. I can sneak in and check on him and he can't see me! I can also sneak out when he is going to sleep!! The chest of drawers already served as his changing table and storage and it fit perfectly along the side.

I didn't use a pillow or top sheet or blanket because Asa doesn't use these. He is still mostly a tummy sleeper so pillows scare me. Personally, I can't sleep without covers at night but Asa has a fit when he is covered up. Not to mention it is hard to regulate his temp all bundled up. So far this plan is working perfectly! And the best part is it was all stuff we already had and I only paid $4 for the striped sheet! I'd like to get a new CD player for him. He still uses the lullaby CD we got from the hospital but we've played out 2 CD players! They stop repeating so he wakes up and his music is off. That's when he calls me!


Clara-Leigh said...

SOOOOOO clever. I love it!! Might need to try that for Garrett someday!!!!!!

Michelle and Sean said...

Very nice room!! I hope it works so you all can get some sleep!!

I am also praying for a cure for 2011!!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

Great ideas!!!

Laura aka Mama Ham said...

We are going through the same thing right now with Ethan, we just bought a crib that turns into a toddler bed and put a side bar on it from Ikea and it works great! I can now crawl in with him :)http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60091931 The picture online is not great, but the mattress goes all the way down to the floor and the front side comes off..I'm working on redoing his room and when I do, I will post some pics on my blog! Happy sleeping!