Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Snow Day!

We live in the south. West Tennessee to be more specific. We see a few snows a year here and it is always an exciting event! The weather people give us a few days notice so we can all rush out and get our milk and bread from the grocery store. Heaven forbid any of us try to drive in the cold white stuff! And with this snow the state and city workers began salting the roads 4 or 5 days BEFORE the predicted event! Just to be prepared, you know! And of course when the kids hear the first utterings of the "S" word they start getting ready to be home on a snow day! In previous years we've called off churches, schools, social events, most everything at just the mere mention of snow. The last few years it seems the school superintendant likes to play with the minds of the kids and parents and we have to wait until 3am to get the automated call saying school is cancelled because of the 3" of snow on the ground. Granted if she cancelled school and the snow missed us we'd all complain too! That is a thankless job that I wouldn't want!

So this snow was the first real snow of the winter! We got at least 4" here. We went to bed with flakes beginning to fall and woke up this morning to our winter wonderland! Even Barry was home today! Cade and Barry headed out before 8 am to ride 4 wheelers. Gracie woke up shorty after that and stumbled into her coveralls, boots and helmet to join in. I don't even think she was fully awake until the cold air hit her face when she went out the front door!

By 11am we all bundled up and headed out! Asa too!!! We went to a hill behind the house to try out the new sleds my mom got the kids for Christmas. We took Barry's truck so Asa could stay warm when he wasn't playing. It worked out perfectly! The sledding didn't go so well for the big kids but Asa had a great time! I had gotten an inflatable boat on clearance years ago. Don't ask me why I bought a boat but it came in handy for this snow! It was the perfect size for Asa. It pulled easily up and down the hill. It may have given out being towed behind the 4 wheeler! Not with Asa in it but Anna and Gracie!!

Asa was so bundled up that he could hardly move! He tried to clap or sign "more" and couldn't get his hands to touch! So funny!! It was hard to tell if he was having a blast and kicking in joy or kicking in frustration. Turns out he was having a blast!! I tried to leave him in the truck with Anna while I pulled Cade and he pitched a fit! He wanted to ride!!! We played for nearly an hour when Asa and I called it a day and headed home. Even at home, Asa sat on the front porch just grunting and pointing! He was a happy guy. I'm so happy we could have a good, fun, family time and make some sweet memories! The kids are out of school tomorrow but Barry is back to work. I'm thinking we'll take it easy tomorrow.....unless I'm out voted! Here are a few pics:

The warming and snack station! I took hot chocolate and treats so we could refuel for more playing!

Barry and Asa! Boy, I was glad to have Barry home today!

Could a girl even be anymore covered in snow? You can't tell so well but she had frozen snow caked in her hair! And she was soaked! But look at that grin, she was HAPPY!

Cade's Christmas present came in handy! I liked it so much I'm asking Santa for one next year!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family day! I like to think that snow days are a gift from the Lord where life in general stops, and the schedule is free to be together and make memories!!!Glad it was a great day for your family. And thank you for your Sun. "deep thoughts" post! Love to all, Mrs. Margaret

Michelle and Sean said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

I hate the snow but I also live where its really snowy. I wonder if I would like it if I didn't live with it frequently. I will probably never know!!

Enjoy the snow days!! I can't believe school stops for snow!! Crazy!