Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some deep thoughts.....

But first an Asa update! I know several see the FB posts but I haven't gone into details about the ick on the blog mostly because it is just minor stuff.

We've had several totally typical kid illness here with Asa. That in itself is a milestone! First, the day before Christmas Eve, Asa woke up with an awful croupy cough. I am normally the wait and see kind of Moma but with the holidays and then a Sunday coming up, we headed to the walk in clinic. Asa was fine, just an upper respiratory infection. He got 2 doses of steroids and an antibiotic. This worked wonders and he was fine over the holidays. In true antibiotic fashion though, he got a yeast infection in the boy bits area. This landed us in the peds office on Thursday. Got the cream and started treating. On Friday Asa's right eye started looking red and slightly runny. His teachers thought he was fine and he has eye issues occasionally so we carried on with our normal routine. By Saturday afternoon I was getting worried about the weekend and the massive 3-4" snow fall we are predicted so I called his ped back. Thankfully he just called in pink eye drops and we started them on Saturday. By today Asa's eye is most definitely pink eye and I'm glad we have the drops! So he had a cold, the meds gave him a rash, the ped gave him cream, the clinic gave him pink eye and we are treating! How's that for a normal series of childhood illness! Oh, and he is our first kid to have pink eye!

Now on to MY very important message cause it's my blog and I can do what I want to! Hee Hee!

I didn't do a big New Years post and I'm not one for resolutions. Mostly because I lack will power and any promises I make myself end up broken by the next day! I can't give up bread. I won't give up sugar. I'd like to lose 10-15 pounds but only if i don't have to work for it. I'd like to exercise but it is kinda boring. So you see I make a horrible resolution person! At least I know myself well!!!!

I did however think that I'd make some changes this new year. Nothing major or life changing I just think I'll be a little more ME! See, I'm really a shy, quiet person. I hear the grunts and laughs from some of you out there! But the internet is different! You can say or do or anyone on the internet and only you know the true you. For those of you who have only known me as an adult, you know I'm a talker and social. But just ask my Moma or anyone who knows me from way back when and they'll tell you I was a wall flower, an introvert, quiet and NOT outspoken at all! I think that is the deep down REAL me. I think it is also who I'm out growing! I still freak out over public speaking. It wouldn't matter if I was standing up giving you a weather report, my voice gets high pitched, I talk too fast and I'll likely cry! But I'm getting better!!

But first I'm also a Christian! A born again believer! A princess cause my Abba is the King of kings! So this new version of ME is going to try to shake off this shy version of me and let God shine through! I try to live so that God shines in my life. I'd like to think I'm a good person and people notice my faith but it isn't something that comes out of my mouth with ease. Seems I can easily fall back into my shy personality when it comes to this. It is more natural for me to be a quiet observer or give my opinion only when asked. And this is just how Satan wants it and wants me!

Even as I had the thought that I'd like to be a more vocal servant of God, I got a message from a teacher at my kids school. She wanted me to come speak to a women's group at her church! I said "YES" before I gave much thought to the fact that I'd be in front of a group of people. Speaking. About Asa and God. Something so personal. AAACCCCKK! I quickly sent a second message asking how many people would be there! LOL!

I spoke to her friends on Wednesday. It went well. I wasn't nearly as nervous as I thought. And I think I was slightly interesting because they asked questions and made comments. I had practiced several times and had 25 minutes of material but somehow we talked for well over an hour!! I guess my talker came out!!!

I also started a Bible study with some great ladies on the book of Jonah. It is called "Navigating a Life Interrupted"! I think if anything describes my life it would be "interrupted"! And while interruptions are usually not a good thing, when they are God's interruption, they are awesome!!!! So I know that God has put Asa in my life for a purpose. I know He is giving me precious insights and lessons everyday. I know I love seeing God work and I know He wants me to tell others about these lessons! Not that I'm perfect or having anything that will change your life (or WILL it?!!!) but I know that miracles are happening in my life and to sit and be quiet isn't something I want to do!

So along with Asa updates or our fun family adventures, I'll be sharing some testimony of God's work in my life! Often times these all go hand in hand! God's pretty great like that!!!!

So what has God done in your life lately that you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

Given me some good, Godly just the right encourage me and partner with me in doing this "life" thing! And u r one of them! Also turning my man into a godly man more by the day.....I'd like to take credit....but.....that takes God!!~ Robin

~Jana~ said...

Hi kim, You don't know me... I found your blog through some others. My 20month old little boy has just been dx with a mitochondrial disorder. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. It all sounds so much like me and how I think and feel these days. Thanks for sharing.

Clara-Leigh said...

Dear Kim,
Your post gives me grinny, chilly, excited grins!! I am so thrilled to see how much you are stepping out to share OUR faith in Jesus Christ!!!! I am sooooooo proud of you!!!!! Wow, to go speak like that does horrify most people. IN fact, a study once showed a large majority of people prefer death to public speaking!!! Seriously!! Your post revived a thought I had recently of maybe starting a blog just for moms like us or any mom looking for that extra dose of Jesus we need daily. Maybe a daily story, experience and scripture to encourage others.......maybe we can kick that idea around sometime!! Maybe several of us could co-op on it??? Just a thought I had while driving alone the other week!!
Keep that fire burning. God is callign you and you are answering!!!
Much love,