Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exciting plans!

First a picture I posted on Facebook last night:

Asa saying his blessing at supper! We always say "Asa, say your blessing" just like we do with the other kids but he usually just ignores us, like he has no idea what we are saying. Last night though he covered his eyes while he was still drinking his water! So cute!!! This is actually a retake so I guess he said 2 blessings!

Now onto our exciting plans that you can be part of! It is time to get in shape for the 2nd Anual Jackson Cully Mito What? 5K in Millington TN! The race is March 26th. Follow the link in the upper right corner of the race blog to register online!! Or if you aren't local but want to do something to help Asa and all those who battle mito you can sponsor me as a Mito Hero! I only need 15 sponsors at $10 each. You can email me if you want to do this and need our address or paypal.

This race was amazing last year and it was only the first year so I can't imagine how great it'll be this year! There were hundreds of runner and walkers and more money was raised than was expected! I think the total donated to the UMDF was around $20,000!!! How much better can it be this year!

Like last year, I have big plans to run the 5K! Yes, last year I quit and did the family fun walk. That was great too but I really want to challenge myself this time. I have no will power though! NONE! And I get bored easily. Not a great combo! Still, I'm gonna follow the plan and see what happens! I may be the last one in but hopefully I will make it back!!!

I'd really, really, really love to have a ton of people there for Team Asa. Whether you are a walker or runner! I know my cousins are signed up and will be joining us. And in my true procasitinator fashion I haven't even registered us!!! It needs to be done by March 1st though!!! So don't do like me and wait until the last second!!!

And like Asa, we are always thanking God for you and your support in our prayers!!!

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