Monday, January 17, 2011

An update...

I realized today that's it's been a while since I blogged or updated. I guess I put snippets on Facebook so I forget to do a longer post on here. Maybe I should just copy and paste all my fb post daily! 

In the past week we've all passed around a cold. Asa didn't go to school at all last week. We were out for snow a few days and then he was sick. He ran a slight fever, had a runny nose and a cough. The most troubling symptoms was extreme crabbiness and lack of sleep! He'd wake up from a stopped up nose or coughing and not go back to sleep. Then he'd be soooo grouchy! The best thing about his illness was that he was an eating machine!!!! 

His GI system wasn't so happy but we used more Zantac and he was doing good. He'd wake up and ask for food. I hesitantly give him his cup of Pedisure. He'd suck it down and sign more. He had so many new foods and he was sick! I couldn't believe it! Don't get me wrong, he was throwing up most evenings but he didn't seem too bothered! Usually when he is sick we have to stop the pedisure and just give him pedilyte. Then we spend a few days working him back up to pedisure and then food. I couldn't be happier that he kept up the eating pace and even stepped it up!! 

In other news....Anna turned 14 on Saturday! In true teenage fashion she couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to do for her birthday. Friday afternoon she decided she wanted all the family to join us at a Mexican restaurant...that night! She better be glad we all love her! Barry's patents and my parents plus some cousins and her BFF met us and we had a great time! Then she decided she wanted to go the movies with her BFF and the boyfriend on Saturday!!! The BOYFRIEND!!! My first reaction was NO! Then I compromised! I picked the movie and we all sat together. And if she decided to make out with the boy, I'd make out with her daddy!! Lol!!! I picked an action movie with no love scenes! We really did have a good time! I'm glad Anna made some fun memories and had a good birthday! She didn't really ask for any gifts just our time and attention! A day for Anna! Thanks to my mom for keeping the little people so Anna could feel special!  Anna is such a great girl, uh young lady?!! She is my helper and can almost read my mind! She doesn't ask for much or whine too often! That may change tomorrow so I'm being thankful for them today! I figure if she's made it to 14 and is still so sweet I better hold on cause she's due for a fit at any moment!! 

So we get back to our normal tomorrow. Back to school for everyone and hopefully leaving these sickies behind for a little while! 

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