Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School Days

I think we are really getting into the groove of this online schooling! Gracie and Cade both had classes with their online teachers so that freed me up quite a bit! They said the classes were over the lessons we taught last week so I guess we are a little ahead. That'll give us a little wiggle room I guess.

Gracie hates all her journal and writing time. She argues everytime. She will not do complete sentences when the instruction call for them but then writes full sentences when only a short answer will do! She claims to have no imagination and hates spelling. BUT....last night she spent 45 minutes on the school computer writing and printing a Christian song she made up. All on her own! No prompting from me! Then tonight she sat and made a list of "Everything my room needs to make it fun without TV"! This is exactly what her writing class is trying to get her to do! She grinned sheepishly when I pointed that out!

We usually save Gracie's music lesson for after Asa gets home. The songs are fun and involve movements to go along with the lessons. He really gets into it! Today, after Gracie was done Asa wanted more so we got out the tambourine played more! He had the best time!

We've had some really fun conversations and great times in our school room! I'm so glad we are doing homeschooling this year! I'm blessed with funny, sarcastic, sassy kids with quick wits. That makes for some fun school days....mostly fun! :)

Asa is doing well in school too. He has done much better with nap time this week. Today I asked if he played with his OT. He put his finger to the corner of his eye, which we'd realized he created to say "cry". After texting his OT and teacher I found out that he liked OT but did get upset when he went back to class! This is the first time, the very first time, that's he's been able to tell me something about his day!!!! Amazing! I really think he could pick up on learning sign language so quickly. We learned "elephant" at the zoo Saturday and have only used it a few times since....how often do you say elephant!...but today Asa was playing an iPad app with an elephant in it. He started trying to sign "elephant" again! Wow! He really is a sponge and understands everything we say! If only he could tell us what's on his mind! Maybe that'll be our next huge milestone!

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