Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1 week down, 35 more to go!

One down and 35 more to go! Ha, I just realized as I proof read, the title could be pregnancy related too! Don't panic! I'm NOT pregnant! I'm talking about school!

Asa really likes school. He's eager to go in the mornings and may have a slight hesitation at the classroom but I don't think he's cried at all.....at least not at drop off! Nap time is another matter! I had planned on picking him up before nap, but he'll have therapy 2 days and I can really use the extra time he's at school for Cade and Gracie so I've been leaving him for nap time. The first day was awful, I'm told. He screamed and cried until he got sick. The second day was much like the first. I think it has gotten gradually better and today he didn't cry as badly and he stayed on his mat more. His teacher said at very end of the hour he actually laid on his back and played and giggled! Yay! His therapy should start next week. I'm excited because he's made tons of improvements over the summer! Of course, he started walking but he also has been more vocal and even trying to mimic sounds and words. I'll have to video some and post.

It's also been a full week of using the K12 program and homeschooling Gracie and Cade. I really, really like having them here. I think we are all getting adjusted to the program too. Cade likes to work on his own and gets to pick which order he does lessons. Gracie's work requires me to stay pretty close to her side. The last 2 days have gone much better than the first day last week! We have a Back 2 School Bash Friday and I'm looking forward to getting some tips from seasoned parents and the K12 teachers.

Cade says he loves homeschooling. Gracie had been begging to homeschool for years and is not so sure about it now! She said yesterday that she just doesn't like any kind of school! And that I can believe! I think she's about decided if school is school then she'd rather have lunch and PE with her friends than Cade and I! :)

A huge, huge, huge positive to our homeschool is that Cade and Gracie are getting along so much better than just a few weeks ago!!! They have played and created PE games and even did their own literature reading while sharing the recliner.....well until rough housing got involved and Gracie ended up on the floor and Cade was hanging off the side but both were laughing their heads off! All good fun! Our afternoons are peaceful too. We've come upstairs to the school room to work on some extra stuff a few times but it hasn't been like normal homework. If Asa needs more attention then we can just finish the work first thing the next day. I keep telling people that it's only been a week and I'm sure we are still in the honeymoon phase, but I really like our new schooling! If something changes we'll just adapt though. We've gotten pretty good at adapting over the years!!!

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