Thursday, August 16, 2012

First sick day

Asa had his first sick day this year! As Barry said, it only took a week of school germs! His teacher called Wednesday afternoon to say that he'd had 3 bad diapers. Then he started puking! And he puked and puked and puked! He had me a little worried though because instead of playing his normal sick cards he pulled out a new deck!

He never ran a temp and was low instead. He was pale and cool to the touch. Instead of being lethargic, he was giggly and silly. He would try to sit up but would just fall forward. He would try to roll off the couch and stand but couldn't bear weight so he'd melt into a pile on the floor but laughing all the time.

What had me the most concerned was that he couldn't keep his eyes still. They just rolled and drifted when he tried to look at something. It reminded me if when he was sooo tiny and couldn't focus his eyes. Not a fun thing to watch!! And he didn't like it either! He kept covering his eyes.

After several failed attempts at getting Pedilyte to stay down, he finally kept some down and slept thru the night. This morning, he felt a little warm and was tired and weak all day but at least he was walking some and he could control his eyes! He wanted to drink all day and ended up getting tons of fluids in. By afternoon though he belly was hurting and I drained nearly all his fluids back out. He has replaced some and even self fed a piece of toast at supper.

Since he was home, Asa got to do some school with us. When Gracie was doing her online lesson and got an answer right Asa would clap and laugh! He did great but didn't like nap time at home anymore than he does at school! :)

Gracie, my hypochondriac, was concerned that if she got sick she'd get germs on Anna's laptop that we use for school. I guess the downside of homeschooling is you don't get sick or snow days! I just hope no one else gets it!

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