Friday, August 17, 2012

Zoo Field Trip

We had so much fun today. The Tennessee Virtual Academy folks had a meet and greet at the zoo. We woke up this morning and apparently it had stormed overnight but we slept right through it. The forecast still called for rain but the chances were slim and we headed out just hoping and praying we wouldn't get drenched! Thankfully we only got drizzled on some and it was kinda fun to play in the rain! Plus, the zoo was pretty empty except for the K12 kids. It was kinda a perfect day for the zoo!

It's been years since we went to the zoo and I'm sure Asa doesn't remember it. Cade thought he was too big for the zoo. Gracie was super excited! I liked the new Teton Trek that has a huge log building, the wolf and bear exhibit and lots of trees. Gracie loved the snake house and had to go in twice! Asa watched the elephants and liked the train. Cade was too big for it all but did get great pleasure in splashing us with puddles he jumped in! It was kinda fun!

You can see Cade thinks he's too big!

Riding the train. I'd try to hold or touch Asa when the train jerked or wobbled but he'd shove me away. I guess he's too big too!

They had a welcome sign up for the K12ers. I half joked about a pic but since the kids stepped up there I figured I better take the pic! Cade was trying to cover the name but instead he looks like Vanna White showing it off!

And more of my torturing of Cade. He took this pic because I promised him an Oreo Blizzard from DQ on the way home. And I did buy him one! We had so much fun aggravating each other today!

K12 paid for the kids to get into the zoo and a feeding stick for the Birds and Bee exhibit. The birds were wonderful until they swooped down near me. I may have squealed and took my stick away as the first bird flew at me!

Cade and Gracie were fighting over this bird in the tree. Just like siblings! An enclosure full of birds and they fight over the same one! Barry actually caught the first one.

They were pretty birds as long as someone else was holding them!

I ran out of storage on my iPhone and couldn't take more pics. I have 600 pics and videos saved. What can I do with them now? I want to keep them just not clogging up my phone. Any techy folks out there?

I enjoyed meeting some K12 teachers and other parents. There is another fun day at the end of the month locally and I'm more excited about that!

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