Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update Time

I can't believe it's been a month since I last updated the blog! I blame FaceBook! It's so easy to go on there and send out short updates and pics but then I never go back and share here.

Since the last update and video of Asa walking in the pool, he has started walking on dry land!!! A few days after our vacation he was leaning against kitchen cabinets and I asked him to walk to me. He hesitated so I said "just like you did in the pool" and he came to me!!!! I nearly had a heart attack! He did it several times in a row. Each time he'd scream and cry when he got to us. I really don't know if he was panicked because he was on his on or mad that we stopped him!

The next morning I got video of him just after he woke up. This time he was happy about walking and didn't scared and screamy. He has continued to walking, going farther and making turns!!! He can slide off the couch and walk into the kitchen! It's still odd and surprising to see him walk into a room! He can't get up on his own so he still does a lot of scooting too but I hope that changes soon.

School starts on Monday for Asa and Anna. Asa will be in full day pre-K. This makes me nervous for soooo many reasons! I can't imagine getting up and out before 7:30 everyday. He likes his sleep and usually sleeps until 9. I also can't imagine him making it all day. Well, I don't think he'll have an issue at school but it'll hit him when we get home and we'll have a cranky boy to deal with! Mostly though I can't believe he is in Pre-K!!!! He had a supply list with crayons, glue and scissors! Too big!

I met Asa's teacher on Friday. It's funny because when he started school at 3 we toured her class. There was no way he could handle it so we used the medically fragile class and now 2 years later and he's back to the original plan! I'm excited about his teachers and his friends. He'll be one of 8 kids and that's a little higher than I'd chose but we'll see what happens! I always write up a few notes about Asa for his teachers. You'd think a 40 page IEP would suffice but I like to give them some ideas of the real Asa, not just the one that tests and evals show!

In other exciting family news, I'm going to be doing online school with Cade and Gracie at home! I'm not sure if it's exciting or just insane! Cade was set to start middle school and there was a lot of changes going on there, Gracie has begged for homeschool for years, barry has begged me to do it for years so since Asa was going to be gone all day I thought it'd be a good time to try it. Anna said I just don't want to be lonely! That may be true too! If I'm not busy taking care of Asa I might as well take care of those two! I really hope we all enjoy it and I think it'll simplify our crazy life a little. I know that sounds backwards and usually having your kids gone all day is simpler but not when we all hit the door at the same time with needs high and time and patience are short! We're gonna try it and see anyway!

Oh and I changed some things on the comments section. A while back I started getting crazy, random comments on old blog posts. It was going thru all the posts and leaving a comment. All I knew to do to stop it was to set up all the crazy safety features for comments. I'll try to change some back but I never really got a ton of comments anyway so it may not even matter.

Cade made a palet on the floor and Asa made it his own! Asa tucks his hand under his face like this anytime we tell him to "go night night" or " close your eyes"! Super sweet!

We were at one of the OfficeMax one day and Asa was obsessed with the automatic doors. I finally set him in this chair and laughed every time somebody came in or went out! If Gracie even stood near him he'd shoo her away with his hand and grunt. I could stand beside him but wasn't allowed to speak! After much debating, begging and bribing I finally just scooped him up and ran for the van while he screamed like an abducted kid! I'd love to see the survalience footage of that!

Asa's new school shoes! They are green! They are Converse! They were $8!!!!! Love, love and more love!

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