Monday, September 10, 2012

Some Nuggets

There are little nuggets of this life that I don't want to ever forget so I'm gonna put them out there on the big ole Internet so they'll live forever!

~ A few weeks ago we went to the zoo. Leading up to the trip we talked a lot about what we'd do and see. Asa always tapped the elephant on the iPad book we read so we learned the sign for elephant and made sure to spend time at their habitat. We used the sign a lot but how often in real life do you say "elephant" so it fell by the wayside. Now if I ask Asa something and he can't remember the sign, he throws out "elephant"! "Do you want a cookie?" "Elephant"!!! :)

~ When I lay down with Asa at bedtime, he likes to toss and turn and play. When I say "close your eyes" or "it's bedtime" he lays on his side, puts his hands under his face and makes a snoring, growling noise.....and then laughs! Wonder who he hears snoring?!

~ I asked Asa to try meatloaf at my mom's yesterday. He is eating very little these days and he shook his head "no". I told him if he tried one bite I'd take him on a 4 wheeler ride. He immediately took a bite and signed "more" then pointed outside! I should've bargained with a whole plate of food!

~ When Asa was a baby (nearly5 years ago) we bought an air purifier for his room. We didn't get it to purify the air, although that wouldn't be a bad idea, but because it makes a great white noise without having all the air of a fan moving around. A month ago Barry opened the cover and the filter was still wrapped in plastic!! Now it purifies and make a white noise that puts me to sleep when I lay down with Asa.....see above snoring comment!

~ Asa loves school! If I get him dressed but sit him down to finish packing his lunch or bag, he walkes to the door and shakes the handle while fussing at me! When he ready, he is READY!

~ I talk about colors a lot with Asa. I can never tell if he fully remembers them though. Sometimes he identities them correctly when quizzed, sometimes not. Tonight, without any prompting, he pointed to his blue changing pad, my blue shirt and his blue shirt! He may not know blue but he knew they matched!

~ Asa has a friend at school who pushes his chair out for him and pats the seat or table at breakfast time. How sweet is that?! His name is Andrew and he sports a faux hawk and I could just eat him up! But it'd probably embarrass Asa! :)

~ Asa has 6 other boys in his class. His teacher was helping one of the other boys in the bathroom and left Asa standing in line with his friends. When she turned around, Asa was not in line. She looked in the hallway and he was standing at the door to his room from last year. So smart that boy! And not good at follow directions!

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