Friday, September 28, 2012

Knot head!

After all of Asa's great walking yesterday, today didn't go so well for him!

I got a call from the school as we were having lunch here. Asa had fallen and could I come. Now, he has fallen several times but none that required me to pick him up so I was slightly concerned. Only slightly though because my aunt was the one who called and I knew if there was a huge concern they'd get him to a doctor. It takes a good 30 minutes for me to get to his school.

So I rushed to the school and found him sitting in the nurses lap playing with books on her desk! He was laughing and smiling and happy. The bump was huge and colorful and it really did make me weak in the knees to see it! Then he would poke it and I'd want to pass out! He was completely unfazed though!

Apparently, they were walking down the hall and he just stumbled and fell. He doesn't try to protect himself at all. His poor teacher said it was like it was in slow motion and she just couldn't grab him. I've been there and done that! She said she almost got sick just knowing it was going to be bad. And get this, Asa never really cried! He didn't freak out and get sick! He didn't like the ice pack but he never acted like it hurt or scared him!

I went ahead and took him to the doctor just to be sure he was ok. I thought he'd probably wait until 9pm on a Friday night to make me worry and wish I'd taken him in. I've been there and done that too! Anyway he was just fine. He is still just fine! We were talking about it at supper tonight. I'd ask questions and he'd point to his boo boo. He'd show me how he has to put his hands out by slapping the table. He pointed to his shoes when I asked if he tripped on his shoes. He's a smart cookie, that one!

We also talked about how he needs to hold his teacher's hand. The boys and girls walk with their hands behind their backs and Asa follows along. No one has ever made him do this, he just realized the other kids were so he started putting his hands behind his back. Again, pretty smart cookie.....a smart cookie with a huge knot on his head! :)

It's all just another one of those milestones and boo boos that kids get and we are blessed that Asa is walking enough to get one too. But one is enough, please!!!

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