Monday, September 24, 2012

PALS picnic

On Saturday, a local church held a picnic for special needs families. They were promoting the churches special needs ministry called PALS. They also had several organizations that serve the special needs folks in our area. While we aren't in the market for a new church family, I love to meet other special families around here. We also got to see a few therapist we haven't seen in a while and some old friends that we've missed.

They had an inflatable slide and bouncy house. I was not going into the bouncy house but I did ride down the slide with Asa several times. I really wish we had a picture of the back of this thing! If you had seen me holding Asa and climbing to the top of it, you'd realize why I had to stop after 4 or 5 rides down! Asa loved it though! He'd squeal at the top because I couldn't get us seated fast enough and then he'd squeal at the bottom because it was over!

There was also an arts and craft table. Asa made a pumpkin, with a little help!

 He loves to clap for himself!

 And signing his artwork! Love how he sticks out his tongue when he concentrates!

We took several breaks but it was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect!

I think Asa's favorite activity was the music therapy time! The leader was playing a guitar and singing. The kids, small and older, picked instruments and joined in. Once Asa got promoted to the drum but he really only wanted to put the floor dots on the top which completely muffled the sound!

He was good with the clapper things, I'm sure they have a better name too. He was really good with the maracas!

Anna was our photographer and she did a great job capturing the fun....even if all she had to work with was my iPhone!

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