Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I picked Asa up from school yesterday and he was self feeding a cupcake! And enjoying it! He was having pineapple today! Gotta love new foods!

This is Gwen. She hangs out with Asa.....a lot! She says that I have him spoiled but I say he has HER wrapped around his finger. Seriously, she can take a hard line with him and he shapes up!

Asa has started picking up his walker and taking several steps with all 4 wheels off the ground. I got a few seconds of it here but you have to catch him right at the beginning for the best shot. And you can hear Gwen cheering him on in the background!

He has also started walking while holding one hand. His other hand still has to hold something so he holds his booty!

We have to dilute Asa's Zoloft in water. He takes it at night and he usually won't drink it so we tube it. The last few days he's taken the syringe and drank it down though! It cracks me up! Tonight he drank all but the last 10ccs and then pulled up his shirt for me to tube the rest! I didn't tube him but he's a smart boy!!!

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Christina said...

I'm starting to think you better be careful what you wish for because it looks like Asa is going to be running everywhere soon without any assistance. Just kidding, I know it will be a HUGE blessing when he starts walking unassisted.