Monday, May 28, 2012

Pic dump

We don't use Asa's feeding tube for feeds anymore (unless his sick and gets fluids) but at night he takes a med that has to be diluted into a few ounces of water. Asa's belly is squally pretty full at night and we often have to tube the meds since he is already gagging. Some nights though when we get the the ready he decides to drink from the syringe!!!!

Asa likes to sit with his legs propped up! He was cleaning the iPad with a tissue. Seriously this kept him busy for a while!

Asa loves glasses!!!! I thought we were gonna have to buy some from this $4 bin! Thankfully we were able to distract him and leave!

I bought a baby gate play yard for the dogs. Turns out Asa loves it!!!! He pulled up and sat down on his own! He walked all around the perimeter. He opened and closed the gate! Once the dog came over to check it out and Asa pushed her out of the way and shut the door!

Speaking of walking..... Asa figured out the game and will NOT walk anymore! He sits down as soon as you get him into position! Smarty pants! Oh well, it was fun for a few times! We know he can do it so now we have to change our game again!

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