Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We started off Memorial Day Weekend like any other Sunday. My mom made lunch for my grandparents, my family and my brother's family. We spent the afternoon on the front porch......with fans blowing full steam and sprinklers in the yard!

I didn't prompt Asa to pose like Anna at all!

Anna and Cade made ice cream cones but I told them not to let Asa see them so they were sneaking and eating them!

My brother and a bunch of kids camped out at a creek that runs on my parent's farm. The rest of us were wimps and we enjoyed the cookout and camp fire but slept in our own beds! Monday morning we headed back for breakfast**. I though Asa would walk around the camp or easier terrain but he headed straight for the cotton field! He did take a big fall but I helped him back up, cleaned the dirt out of his teeth and he walked on!

After a while my daddy carried him. Asa left that hat on for a while too!

Asa liked swinging in the hammock with a buddy. He's very relaxed! He didn't like to share though and would fuss when we tried to make him get out!

**My brother is a pro camper! He made pancakes, spicy sausage, regular sausage, bacon, fried eggs and coffee on a camp fire! It was YUMMY!

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