Friday, May 4, 2012


This was the scene I watched unfold when I picked Asa up from school today. He was sitting with the class at the table having a snack. As they finished their snacks the kids split up to go play. Asa scooted his little red chair back from the table several feet. Then he stood up using the cubbies for support!! He did a little bit of cruising before his teacher reminded me to take pictures!

Apparently, pulling to stand and cruising weren't enough so Asa decided to try and climb into the cubbies! This dance went on for a few tries!

Not having much success in the turning around and sitting department Asa began looking for help.

Yep, his hand is blurry because he's waving the "all done" sign.

Receiving no help from the gawkers and paparazzi around him, Asa decided he'd just have to shuffle back to his seat on his own.

I didn't get any pics of him sitting because a friend came to sit beside him in the cubby and I didn't want to use his pic without permission. I guess Asa will have to conquer cubby climbing another day. I should have put that in his IEP!

And you know how a kid sometimes falls in love with a certain toy or movie and you'll borrow it for a day just so the child will leave without drama?! This rarely happens with Asa because he has little attachment for toys, however it did happen at school one day! We had to borrow Asa's teacher's empty pill holder!! He found it on her desk or in a drawer and loved opening and closing the tops. He was determined that he wasn't putting it down and even tried to walk down the hall holding it and his walker! I was NOT allowed hold it! I'd offer and he'd pull it away from me, holding it high in the air......much more preferred way of voicing his opposition that the squeals he usually does. I finally attached it to the walker with a carabiner and he walked happily to the van with his pill sorter dangling from his walker! Funny thing though, once we got home the pill sorter lost all it's magic and was quickly discarded for other random household objects! Thankfully there was no tears when we returned it today. Anna took this pic in the van, on the way home, as I said "do you love you sorter?"! His hand is at his face in a "hug" motion. Pretty smart guy......well other than having a pill sorter as a BFF!

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marie clare said...

Awwwww Asa has the same sign for hug as Ryan has