Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Did the headline get your attention?! I hope so because I have a huge......HUGE.....announcement! I feel like the blog takes a back seat to Facebook. I often post pics or quick updates to FB before I post a blog about it. Today I saved some good news for the blog......and the dozen or so folks I saw this afternoon! I don't have that much restraint people!!!!

Asa had his first ESY (Extended School Year) physical therapy today. Asa qualified for summer school but it would be more trouble than it's worth so I opted to just have his therapies. They are done at the therapy center where he received all his therapy from birth-3. He gets to see some of the folks that worked around him all those years.

So today was his first PT session. Melissa had never seen him before and only saw him becaus ethe regular PT was on vacation this week. I almost refused the therapy of summer school too because Asa is so nervous around strangers and last year he was just getting comfortable when the session was over! Asa has done great going right back with the therapist though!

When I picked him up this afternoon the PT asked if Asa takes independent steps at home. "Uuuuummmm, no. Why did he take steps for you?" was my reply?!!!! Guess what? He DID walk for her!!!!!! She stood Asa up facing her and held him by his shoulders. Her goal was to let go and see how long he could bear weight on his own. When she let go though, Asa walked towards her!!!!! Awesome!!

We got home and I tried reenacting it. I stood him facing me, held him by his shoulders and then let him go and he walked to me! He repeated it several times! I couldn't wait for Barry to get home from work! He did it for Barry too! He is very mad and freaked about being on his own (and he squeals and squawks when you pick him up just so you know he hates it) but he CAN do it! He can walk!!!!! He's wised up tonight though and will sit down when I hold onto his shoulders! He's too smart!

Anna has video but I'll try to make a better one tomorrow! It's amazing!!! God is so good!


Debbie said...

*LOVE* this!

What a Rock Star!

The Martin Family said...

Congrats and then some! You both have worked so hard to get here and I know it's an amazing feeling to accomplish something SO HUGE. Congrats Asa AND Kim!

marie clare said...

AMAZING!!! Its really happening Kim, its really happening!! so happy for you and proud of Asa.

Clara-Leigh said...

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO THRILLED FOR YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And just so you know, Garrett achieved about 3 of his biggest milestones in therapy when I wasnt there FIRST!!! Oh well, you still get to take the fun home and enjoy it!!
I so know the joy you have shared with us, and I am so thankful!!!! Huge hugs and high five!