Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pics, please!

Thanks for the support and love about the last post! I'll be short on this one! Hahaha

We took Asa's loaner wheelchair into Target last week. The whole point of the chair was to give him freedom but since this chair doesn't have a parents handle it is impossible to get it across the parking lot in a timely manner. Asa knows to grab the wheels or stick his feet on the wheels to keep from going where you want him to go! Since I had Aana, Cade and Gracie with me I decided to give it a try. The chair fit perfectly in the Target buggy and made for a great supportive seat for him in the buggy.

This is where he went once he discovered his new freedom!!! Just like a man!!

I call this "Feeding the Beast but Keeping the Peace"! Asa LOVES water!!! Loves it! He wants to kick in the pool everytime we come in the back door. He loves the bathtub. He loves the sink! I've been known to sooth him at tough dr appointments by letting him splash in their hand sink. So when the scream and squealing gets to be too much at home I make him a splash pool in the kitchen floor. It keeps him happy for hours but I'm not sure it's a good idea to feed his obsession! Another plus to this plan...if he splashes and scoots enough I get my floors mopped!

Walmart was giving away samples of some green tea. Asa took my cup and sucked it down and the did the same to Anna's! He was shaking holding the little cups and drank with his pinkies up for a long time! And yes, I did buy the tea bags and that's what he drinks at home now!

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Heidi said...

TOO cute, love the Target pics! so cool he's able to get around with it on his own :)
Heidi & Jack