Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My softball star

Gracie has just finished an great season of softball! She has always loved playing and has some natural talent that obviously doesn't come from me! When it came time to sign up for spring ball, she said she didn't want to play though. Being the good mom that I am, I signed her up anyway! Turns out she is glad I did!

This is Gracie's league team. Bless her heart, it seems like every season she is on a team that is in a building year. Most of these girls were new to softball and they only won a few games but they learned and improved soooo much! Next season is their season! I'm really proud of her team and coaches. Each girl just improved every game!

Her great coaches got the girls a trophy at their last game. Isn't that why you play ball, for the cool trophy?!

Gracie really improved this year. The week of her 8th birthday she hit her first home run. And she hit one nearly every game after that! She loved this and would grin from ear to ear. And don't think she needed the boost in confidence. She is quick to tell you that she is the best hitter, best fielder, fastest runner and she can jump tall buildings! And that goes for any sport! She is the best smack talker ever. Again, I don't know where she gets this! hehehehe

Near the end of the season we got word that she made the All Star team! She was so excited. The only problem was the regular season wasn't over yet. That'd mean double practices and double games. Plus Cade plays and Anna and Asa have activities. We had to decline for my sanity. But just after the season ended, the coach called back to see if Gracie could play. And she has loved it!

Yes, I painted my van! Barry and Anna didn't get the "G-softball". It should look like "Go Gracie Go". Oh, well.

Her team came in 3rd in the district, not making it to the state tournament. I'm proud that Gracie learned and held her own with these girls who are older than her.

It was a blast but I don't think any of us are too sad that the season is over!

Don't worry though, Cade's All Star tournament starts July 15th so we aren't completely away from the ball field for another few weeks!

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