Friday, June 17, 2011

Thanks guys for the comments!!

Thanks guys for the comments!!

Asa drank 3 cups of Elecare today! And it is the vanilla flavored. It actually didn't smell too bad...I didn't taste it though!

Rose-Marie, I was sooo close to blending food when he was tubing. Now that he is eating orally though I'm just trying to make do with our table foods. He just has such a poor bite and tires when chewing. Liquid is definitely easier for him to take in.

Clarrisa, google blended tube feeding and there are a few sites and tons of blogs that offer advice. At the very least I was thinking of tubing babyfoods. Dump in a meat, 2 veggies and a fruit and you've got a healthier meal than most kids eat! :)

As for the Reglan, he has been taking it for a year. We were to start at one dose a day and increase to 3 times if we needed to. We have not increased. I haven't seen any side effects.

Jana, we tried some samples of the Splash. He would not drink the grape! He did ok with the other 2. The GI didn't like using the Splash for his nutrition. She said it lacked some of the nutrients of the Elecare. She did say that we'd use it before we used the tube for feeding.

And for the output... I noticed an improvement the first few days if going non-dairy! He started going on his own with no meds for the first time in forever! They were hard but not nearly as painful it seemed. Today was the first day of Elecare and it was very, very loose. I'm not sure that was really a good thing though.

Sorry if this post was TMI! Lol

Please remember the Moody family in your prayers. The laid little Zach to rest today. And the Hilliard family. Eithene celebrated an early birthday on Monday. They have now stopped all antibiotics and only using comfort meds.

And this weekend is the weekend of the Mito Symposium in Chicago. I wanted to go so badly but we had so many things going on I changed my mind. I do hope my friends who are there are taking thorough notes!!! Hint, hint!

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