Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stupid....stupid in love!

I will be blogging from my phone until at least Christmas. It seems that I tried to give the laptop a flying lesson and it failed!

Asa had a GI appt this morning and we were a few minutes late leaving. I had Asa in my left arm, stuff in my left hand and the laptop in my right hand. It was actually a last second decision to even take the laptop. I knew I was gonna have an hour or more in between appts and thought I'd work on some VBS stuff. So at the last second I grabbed the laptop without putting it into the case.

Once at the van I had to lay the laptop on the roof so that I could open the door on Asa's side. I opened the door, emptied my hands and put Asa in his seat. I buckled Asa in, got in myself and took off. It was only after I got a few houses and the laptop fell of did I realize I'd left it on the roof!!The lights still come on but the screen is gone!

Surprisingly I'm not that torn up about it. It was stupid for sure but I'm not having a pity party. We won't be able to replace it but I'm ok with that. How weird is that?!

Now let me tell you why! Asa woke up so happy this morning. He was full of hugs and ready to eat. He was very vocal, doing lots of "aaaaa"'s. He took a bath and played and grinned up at me so happily! Since he was vocal, I'd mimic his "aaa". We had little "aaa" conversations! As I "aaa"ed, I realized it sounded like my "I". I've been trying to get him to sign "I love you" for a while. I kept saying "I love you" when I'd start a mimic "aaa" conversation.

As Asa was sitting on the couch waiting for me to put his clothes on him I started signing it again. And he did it back!!!! Keep in mind I only had 3 minutes to get Asa dressed and into the van for the appt but I said "phewy" to that and videoed his new signing skills!!! Some things are just more important than others!

Here's a link to the video on YouTube:

And honestly if that's not enough to put me on cloud nine, I was over the moon when Asa gave me hugs and kisses as I buckled him in the van. This is VERY different from the normal screaming and screeching he usually does while getting buckled in.

So see, you can tell why my mind wasn't on the laptop. But also why I'm not torn up about the computer! Having those little hands communicate with me was divine! Getting the hugs and kisses that back up the signs is miraculous! And I'm not using those words lightly! I do consider it a gift from God each time Asa shows affection and contact and an awareness of my world! Not everyone is given those blessings. Worse yet is the people who don't know to appreciate those blessings. If only they knew....

So goodbye laptop but hello communication and love!! Ha, communication through technology vs communication with my boy?! Which do you think I'd pick?!

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Clarissa said...

awesome post, so happy for you and Asa!! God bless!