Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let Summer Begin!

Asa finished up summer therapy today. He won't have therapy again until school starts back in early August. I don't think he's ever had a month off from therapy in his 3 1/2 years! I'm sure we'll stay plenty busy though so no need to worry that he'll get bored!

Asa is still drinking the Elacare! Sometimes even signing "more" after his cup is empty. I'm still trying to get used to mixing formula again. I nursed all the kids mainly because I'm too lazy to wash bottles and mix formula, yet here I am, still doing it!

Asa went to his first All Star game tonight. Well, technically he went on Monday too but I kept him at the van. Tonight I got him out and we sat on the bleachers for the game. Monday I had all the seats laid down, the DVD ready, a picnic planned and a blanket in the shade. And still all Asa did was fight me to go to the fence!!! I decided not to wrestle him it was cooler and only 85 degrees!

He really had a good time. I kept an ice pack behind him in the stroller. He drank water and had a snack. He scooted on the bleachers and the concrete! He played in the dirt and had filthy hands that got onto his dirty face! He had a big time. Gracie's tournaments start on Friday. I hope he is up for a full weekend of ball!

I'm proud of both Cade and Gracie for making All-Stars. I won't lie though. I tried to talk both of them into passing on the games! It's just a lot of practice, a lot of games and a lot of running. It's also a lot of fun but only if they enjoy it and aren't begging to skip practice or whining about the games. So far so good! Neither took the bribe to skip so I guess they mean business! Who passes up the beach for ball?! :)

Oh and if you don't follow on FaceBook....I found a buyer protection plan for the laptop and they tell me that even acts of idiocy is covered! I still won't believe it until I see it! And I never, ever buy those warranties! I was digging in our "junk drawer" when I found the receipt and pamphlet from the office store. I called and told her what I'd done and she said no problem, I'd bought the "premium" package! Now I can't imagine that I bought the premium but that's what the receipt says!!! So I wait on my box to pack up the busted one and cross my fingers it's as good as it seems!

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