Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too much!

Sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad, a BAD thing!

Asa really only eats his 3 cups of Pedisure a day. We are on a roll if he will eat some real food at supper or snacks during the day. Some days he won't have anything other that the Pedisure and some days he'll have lots of food and we take away a Pedisure. Yesterday he was an eating machine!

He had a Gogurt tube for breakfast with 1/2 cup of Pedisure. Before we left for school he also had 1/2 of an applesauce cup with some Nutella mixed in and a cup of Pedisure on the way to school. This alone was a great feeding day! I'm thrilled to get in applesauce OR yogurt.

Now fast forward to 2:30pm and school pick up time! I walk in to him in the wheel chair with a huge bib on, surrounded by dirty towels and sick and gaggy. Turns out he wanted a chocolate pudding cup while at school. Then he signed "more" so he had another pudding cup. Then he tried a raspberry icee thingy. He was filled to the gills and overflowing! Oooooppps! See, I didn't tell the teachers how much he'd eaten at home and he kept signing "more" so they gave him more, who wouldn't! Bless their hearts!

We got to the car and all that chocolate started coming up before I could get the drain bag hooked up. He was so exhausted and pale and nearly lethargic on the way home. I began to wonder if he had a bug because he looked so sick. After we got home and he napped some more, he perked up and was good to go by this evening. He had a cup of Pedisure at 5pm and again before bed. I was hesitant about that bedtime cup and stood firmly on a NO when he signed "more" after it!! Learned that lesson all ready today!

Bless his teachers hearts though! I would have done the same thing. It is hard when a kid who won't eat really wants to eat "more"!! I've overfed him here too. And they didn't know what he'd had before school. I also think he was tired and maybe getting too warm. It was the perfect storm really! His teacher called to check on him tonight. I think she felt bad that he got sick and I felt bad for them that he puked and got so sick for THEM! I told her he does that nearly everyday and I hated that they had to deal with it. Last night I also wondered if it was the chocolate from the pudding. We've had a few issues with chocolate and I will pick vanilla over chocolate for him. His teacher said she thought they had vanilla. I suggested they repeat the feeding but with vanilla and see if he gets sick! Hahaha, she said NO THANK YOU!

I really love Asa's class and his teachers! We had a chat yesterday about next year. I agree that he doesn't really fit in this class anymore. I feel so blessed that he had this adjustment time though. It is a small class so they can do more. And Asa has made huge, huge strides since October! They say that everyone has fallen in love with him! I love to hear that! And Friday, they took a walk in the hallway with his wheelchair and he rolled down the hallway waving at everybody. These good reports make my heart happy!

Oh and when Cade and Gracie came home from school, I had Asa asleep on me in the recliner and he was hooked up to drain. Cade came in and said, "What is that?", pointing to the chocolate filled bag. I told them it was pudding. Gracie said, "How'd he get pudding in there?"!!! See, we just aren't used to him eating! :)

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