Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

I've got several blog posts in my head and one is even typed and ready to share but a more important event needs to come today! Today was Gracie's 8th birthday! I got to take birthday cookies to school and hang out while the kids did their Easter Egg hunt. Seeing Gracie in her school environment was really fun.

Gracie is one of the most unique girls that I know. She has always done things her own way. She has no fear of bugs or blood or guts. She doesn't scare away from any of the grossness of Asa at all. She even attempted to change a terribly stinky diaper all on her a matter of fact she did change it by herself, there was just poop smeared everywhere!

She is also a huge tomboy. From an very early age she just kinda fell in line with Cade and assumed the role as his equal! When she was 4 I even caught her trying to stick through the deck rails to tinkle while in her swim trunks. She didn't understand why her pee went down her leg instead of the streaming off the deck onto the plants below! She still loves her swim trunks but now she does wear a swim top at least!

For as tough as she is, she is also terribly tender hearted. She loves animals. All animals! Just a few weeks ago we were leaving our house to ride out a tornado warning in my parent's basement. She broke down because we couldn't carry her fish with us! This whole thing with her dog getting killed is terrible for her too. In case you aren't my FB friend (and why aren't you?!) then you don't know that last weekend Gracie found our dog killed by dogs who are unleashed and have pack like behavior. Apparently the attack happened on Thursday afternoon or Friday and Gracie found him on Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a pretty sight! She has had trouble sleeping and keeps talking about it. She also thought her teacher was gonna get her a puppy for her birthday today! Getting another dog is not an option right now because the other dogs are STILL not being leashed! Anyway, my Gracie is an animal lover!

She is also so funny! She says what's on her mind, even when she'd be better off keeping her opinion to herself! She is so blunt and honest and innocent that I can't help but laugh even though she is telling me how old and fat I'm getting! She told me on Monday that she wanted me to make the same softball cookies I made for her last year. They are scratch cookies so there is mixing, rolling, chilling, cutting, cooking, cooling, frosting, packing, etc. I couldn't get the icing the color I wanted and Gracie just sighed and said "it doesn't really match but it's ok, just do the best you can"! She doesn't understand sarcasm though! Too bad that is like my second language!

And she doesn't lack self confidence! She will readily tell you that she is the best reader in class, the "hottest" girl in the school, the best ball player on her team and just generally the best of all things in the world! And she isn't just blowing hot air. She believes it! She lives it!!! While Cade was playing ball tonight she was playing "wall ball" with a group of boys, some older and some her age. Then they got out on an empty field and she pitched and fielded for them. Then she took her turn hitting! I'm amazed at her ability to hang with a group of boys but not just to hang with them but also have the upper hand! She was the only girl!

I've enjoyed watching her grow this year.....physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. She started off this school year with no desire to read and was not that great of a reader. She has improved so much and even likes to read for fun now! Of course she has grown taller and stronger too.

By far the hugest milestone of her past year was that she gave her life to Christ! She is a Christian and I couldn't be more proud! What a blessing and I can't wait to see her grow and learn and I wonder how God will use her!

It has been a wonder 8 years with my sweet Grace Eden Marie Wilson! I'm so blessed to be able to call her mine while we are here on Earth together! And yes she has 4 names! Would you expect anything else from someone who named thier kid Asa! We selected Gracie because we truly feel like God's grace has given us much more than we can ever deserve or even imagine. And Eden came in when our pastor was teaching about the perfect Garden of Eden. It seemed fitting since baby #3 would be our last and complete our family....or so we planned! Anna insisted that Gracie had to have Marie in her name since Anna does too. So she does!

Happy Birthday my Gracie!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 8th Birthday, Gracie! So great to hear how God is helping you to grow and mature, and what a special part of the Wilson family you are. You have a wonderful family. Keep enjoying every minute of life!!! Love, Mrs. Margaret (& Bro. David- who was the pastor at your church when you were born!)