Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Milestone Celebration!

Asa has been making some great inchstones and milestones lately and I need to be sure they are all down and recognized!

A few weeks back Asa started sitting up in bed by himself. I was so excited to go into his room and see him sitting up in bed! Then he started sitting up and OUT of bed by himself! The first time he was in his room playing. The second time I was getting my camera ready so I could record myself going in there with him out of bed and before I got to him, he came scooting out of his room! Then this morning I slept in and as I got up I heard him in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. He was sitting but was stomping his feet on the floor. Gracie and Cade were upstairs watching TV so I assumed they got him up. When I asked though they said no, they didn't get him. That means that he got up and out of bed, out of his room and to the bottom of the stairs where the only noise was coming from! Smart kid! He just better not be planning any middle of the night roamings!

He has also gotten really good at the wheelchair. And very brave! After church Sunday we were finishing up the nursery and missed him. He was rolling down the hallway and into the foyer! Did you remember it was Easter Sunday and the place was packed!! Apparently the crowds parted for a 3 year old in a wheelchair and he headed outside! I found him happily rolling down the drive thru driveway....backwards! Don't panic there was a trusty adult there to stop him from crashing into the parked cars!! Seriously, he was having a great time! He'd push up the little hill and then let go of the wheels so he'd roll backwards!!!

He also rocked at the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. While the big kids were busy he used the wheelchair to push a little ping pong ball around on the gym floor! I see wheelchair Olympics in his future! Do they have a wheelchair X-games?!

And his tolerance for crazy, loud, busy environments is amazing to me! The egg hunt was busy and loud and he did great. He spent a lot of time in his chair rolling around with everyone. Then he spotted me and was clingy while I needed to be busy! I ended up putting him in a little chair along the wall and he just sat and watched all the action! The best tolerance was last Thursday at Gracie and Cade's ball games. Gracie played at 5:45 and Cade at 7:30. We have to be there by 5:15 and Cade's game went until 9:30! Asa did amazing!!! He staying in the jogging stroller for a long time. Then he walked with my mom. Then back into the stroller for a while. He scooted along the bottom of the bleachers for a while and was happy to sit and rub the concrete! And he ate! Boy did he eat!!! He had some Cheerios bummed from another little boy, a sucker, some hamburger bun, some of a fry, Pedisure and 3 cups of Gracie's Gatorade!!! I just knew he was gonna be sick but he wasn't at all!

His eating has not been so great lately. He is willing to do the Pedisure but he isn't very adventurous with other oral things. And we've been having to drain a lot too. I need to start tracking this!

Thanks for celebrating with us!!!

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