Friday, April 15, 2011

A busy week!

We have had a busy week and several ups and downs. On Monday Asa woke up early with a fever, snotty nose and mucusy cough. I took his temp under his arm and it was 99. He felt much warmer so I did it rectally and it was 102. I tried a forehead reading and got a totally different reading! I've noticed this when Asa is having heat issues but I need to have an accurate reading when he is sick! 

I watched him closely Monday. He had fever again at 2 pm but his nose had dried up. He was super clingy and took 2 naps. He was a good eater though! By evening though it became clear that his belly wasn't emptying fast enough and he was full and sick. By evening I was pretty sure I'd be going to the peds on Tuesday.  I was thinking he could have strep or ear infections or sinus yuck or my fav, something viral. 

But when Asa woke up on Tuesday his fever was gone! In fact his rectal temp was 97.4! He was still tired so I didn't send him to school. He felt well enough to tear up a roll of toilet paper, empty the silverware from the dishwasher and pull the pots and pans from the cabinets! He ate the Pedisure well too but again, by evening it was clear that his tummy wasn't functioning well. Yuck!! 

By Wednesday we were back on schedule! Asa did go to school but he had a rougher day. They had to drain him at school too. 

On Thursday I did some work outside early in the morning. Asa played on the sidewalk and tried to scoot into the dewy grass. I put him back onto the walkway twice but the third time he scooted through the overgrown flower bed and into the taller, wet weeds. When I tried to get him up he pushed my hands away! Silly, adventurous boy!  

He has still been having dry sneezes, coughs, red eyes and he often grabs his nose and face like it itches. Dr. Pacheco, the immunologist and allergist we saw in Houston, still hadn't sent me the blood tests results. I called last week. She gave him a script for Zyrtec but I didn't want start it until I had the bloodwork. So I called again today.

Shockingly all the environmental stuff came back normal! He isn't allergic to the trees they tested, grasses, dust mites, cats, dogs, etc. I think we live in the allergy belt of the US and Asa isn't allergic to any of them! Yay!! He is however allergic to milk and pecans. And peanuts and soybeans had a slight elevations. Now Pedisure is milk based so this is odd and confusing. Dr. P had said that if something came back high yet he eats it without trouble then we keep letting him have it. I'm not sure if the itchy eyes and nose, eczema or puking are related but this is interesting! I can't wait for Dr. P to get back in next week so she can walk me through this. 

There was also something about his immunity but I still need clarification on this too! See the first part of this post and then tell me that he has trouble with immunity! I'm sure Dr. P can help me understand this. She is so amazing! Very easy to understand! 

Oh and on the school front, when I picked Asa up Thursday and he was wheeling down the sidewalk, instead of turning towards the van he continued going straight and pushed to the door of the next classroom! The door was propped opened so he opened it on up and got the attention of several kids and the teacher. I was so surprised that when they came over Asa didn't shrink away but instead reached out to play with a little boy and his toy!! And today as I chatted with the teachers he rolled away and was exploring in the toy cabinet! I love to see him playing!! 

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