Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our new addition

Meet our newest addition to the Wilson household! His name is Zander Cage and I guess we'll keep it even though Cade and Gracie can't remember it! Anna thinks it is original and cool, not plain and boring like her name! She says Gracie would pick out a boring name. Just because she named her goldfish Goldie and Sunshine. Those were the final changed so often that she had to make a list and keep it beside the aquarium! I'm not even kidding!!! So Zander it is!

Ever since Gracie found our outside dog dead, she's been talking non-stop about getting another dog. We've never had a house dog but since the outside dogs are getting attacked and killed a house dog it'd have to be. When you take into account that I'm allergic to most all animals plus Asa's sensory issues and my desire to not have to clean up a ton of hair or poop, our choices were going to be limited! I've been doing my research and hit on a couple of breeds that fit our family. They are also pricey!!! This week I took Gracie by a local puppy breeder and let her look around. I was surpised when she went for the 2 yorkies running around. I thought she'd want a fuzz ball like a poodle or Biscon breed. Nope, she was stuck to the yorkies. These 2 were not for sale, one was the owners dog and the other was just bording. In fact there were no yorkie pups at all right now. Oh, and the owner mentioned that her yorkies run $500! HA, not happening here!!! I started searching some rescues because I also decided that the chewing and house breaking of a puppy was not something I really wanted to do!

Still unsure which breed would be good for us I started asking at the pet store when we bought fish. I asked a few vets. And when we picked our cat up from the vet (after his snippy appointment!) I asked them. Turns out one of the tech's mom had a yorkie she needed to get rid of. She had a mother yorkie and had kept a puppy but then started working 2 jobs and out of town so she really didn't have the time and attention for the puppy she'd kept. She only wanted $50 to pay for the vaccines! It was more than that to adopt from the shelters. He has papers too....whatever that means for us since we aren't breeders. So without telling the kids, I went back to the vet today to meet the little guy.

He is a year old, housebroken, quiet, friendly but not jumpy.....and ours! When all the other dogs in their kennels were barking and whimpering, Zander wasn't making a sound. When I held him he snuggled in for a cuddle. His only drawback, I was told, was that he didn't like a collar! He chewed them all off! I bought him a harness and he has been fine. I also bought a kennel since I found ours broken as we got ready to take the cat in.

I picked Anna up from school first and she was so surprised and excited! Asa was next but he was clueless. He noticed but was just his usual screaming, ill self on the way home. We waited for Gracie and Cade to get off the bus to surprise them. Zander was under the car and peeked out at them. By this time Asa had gotten sick and was screaming, the loud bus pulled up and our outside dog was very curious! Poor little guy was a bit overwhelmed! We got him inside and he has made himself right at home!!! I predict he will be spoiled rotten by night fall!

Asa just liked the new kennel! The boy loves boxes and he had a blast with this until he dropped the lid and startled himself!

This is what the final stage of a startle episode looks like for Asa! Passed out and draining! Right after he dropped the lid, Zander came over to see what the screaming was about and Asa was in no mood! He has since made friends and with help even rubbed the dog! I think both would just soon avoid the other. Asa is too loud for the dog and the dog is too soft and fuzzy for Asa.

So tonight I hope we all rest well!! So far everyone seems to get along fine! Let's hope it lasts!!

On a side note, when we told Cade we were taking Toby the cat in to be fixed, he was irrate!! He tried to hide the cat in the clothes dryer, in his room, in my closet and called me a "animal hater"! By the time we left the house he was near tears. No matter how much we told him we were helping Toby, he was just mad! I took him inside the vet so he could see it was a fine place with good people. I'm not sure why it affected him so much unless it was a male bonding thing. When we got Toby home and Barry saw that they actually remove the boy bits he was upset too!! What's with these guys?!

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Heidi said...

He-He, sorry but Cades reaction to having the boy parts removed is too funny. Just remind him if you hadnt done it, that sweet little Toby would start spraying his room full of urine. Cat urine is the worse!

LOVE the new addition! He looks like he fits right in. My brother got a little yorkie for his family and he's the best dog ever--of course my brother is like the "soup nazi!" (I hope you get it, from the seinfield episode!) Anyway he is quite strict with his kids and when that puppy came home. So this dog knows his place! What I do love about yorkies is they dont shed...that would be sooo nice! I love our little Papillon but the shedding, ugh.

Hope little Zander works out :) Ive never been a big fan of small breeds, having shepherds and dobies growing up but I love lap dogs now! So nice not having to walk them in our crappy weather here in Seattle. Mya is our little shadow and still loves to push a soccer ball around with all the boys. Love all the pics, Hugs to your littleones tonight--
Heidi & Jack.