Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feeding Tube Awareness Week

Today is the first day of Feeding Tube Awareness week! Who knew there was such a thing! I wanted to share this with you because before Asa, I had never seen a feeding tube before.

It just so happens that this week in February 2008, we were inpatient at Vandy. Asa was 4 months old and we had finally gotten someone pay attention and check Asa out. Asa was not growing despite our changing some things so we were admitted and a NG tube was inserted. An NG tube goes in the nose and down to the tummy. After several months of this we tried to be tube free but Asa still wouldn't eat and grow so in July 2008, Asa had surgery and a G-tube was inserted into his belly. He still has this today except we don't use it for daily feeds now. Now we use it to drain his belly and to give meds and an occasional feeding.

My how that little tube has saved us! It literally saved his life when he was so tiny and starving. It has saved us from going inpatient several times by allowing us to keep Asa hydrated when he is sick. It has saved my sanity when I have fought with Asa to eat! As weird as it is, I love that tube!! And I love my tubie boy! As you can see, Asa loves his tubie too!

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