Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunny day!

We finally have some warmer sunny weather around here!! And sunny with 60 degree temps is perfect for Asa!! We spent the morning out in the flowerbeds. I spent an hour (or more!) mutilating a crazy rose bush that won't die! I found it kind of ironic to be in a battle to the death with the symbol of love on Valentine's day! And just so you don't think I'm harboring some kind resentment or anger at love and romance, this rose bush cost $1 from the dead buggy several years ago and it has just grown and taken over everything each summer! It just won't follow the rules! Nothing against true love!!

And while I battled the thorns, Asa happily played, scooted and laughed in the sunshine! He played with the leaves and dirt and sticks. He had the best time!!! At one point I was chopping at a tough root and I was grunting. When I took a breather I noticed Asa had a stick and was grunting while banging the stick on the sidewalk! Was he making fun of me?!

We only came in for lunch and a nap. After we picked Anna up from school it was back outside. Asa wanted us to hold his hands while he walked around some. Then I hung his swing up and he had a great time swinging outside! Oh, if only everyday could be sunny and 60!

And the pic above needs some explanation! Asa was playing and had his paci in his mouth. He found a clump of dirt and picked it up. I was so pround he was touching it even if he was making an awful face. As I was watching so proudly, Asa popped out his paci and stuck the dirt in his mouth!!! GROSS!!! Who'd thought he'd put dirt in his mouth when he will barely put food in his mouth without prompting! He did self feed an applesauce pouch, a few gummies, 2 cheese and cracker, a pinch of shredded cheese and fruit loops today so maybe a little dirt didn't hurt!!

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