Thursday, February 17, 2011

GI appt

Asa had a GI appt yesterday. Once a month a GI or GI nurse practitioner comes from Vandy to a clinic in our local hospital. Saves me a 5 hour round trip drive!!! Our first GI left Vandy and we switched to a female Dr. that I like but I love the NP that comes here! She is soooo down to earth and easy to talk with. She has followed up with questions or issues that we've had to leave hanging at the appt.

I also love our local clinic because Asa started getting weighted there when he was discharged from Vandy with the NG tube at 4 months old. We did weekly weight checks for ever! The sweet nurse even commented yesterday that she remembers the day she got the call from Vandy saying we were coming in to get a baseline weight as we left Vandy. So each time we go it is a little like visiting friends!

And after all those weekly weight checks and weight worries, I'm happy to report that Asa is sitting happily on the growth chart! He is at 40%! We tried so long just to get him to the 3% mark!!! Unfortunately he isn't growing longer and that throws his BMI off! He is 32 lbs and 34 1/2" long. For the last month I've tried to keep him down to 3 cups of pedisure a day plus whatever food he eats during the day, which isn't a ton but some. From now on I'm gonna try even harder! No wonder my back and left shoulder kill me! I've finally got a chunky monkey! Oh, and since he is over 30lbs he had to be weighted on the stand up scale. Except he doesn't stand up! It was so cute to see him sitting down on the scale. I should have taken a picture!

Asa was pretty great the whole appt, especially considering I didn't have a paci for him. We've been trying to keep the paci away unless he is tired, hurting or screaming! There is always one in the car seat though. Or in the seat the car seat sets in . Or in the floor beside the carseat. Or in the diaper bag. Or in my purse or even pocket!! Except yesterday!!! He was fine during the BP check, the weight check, the height check, the waiting. He was really good. Then the dr came in and turned on the sink to wash her hands!

Asa loves water! Like OCD loves water!!! He had a fit wanting in the sink. And that is partly my fault bc I've let him play in the water at appts before bc he is usually naked and getting poked and prodded! This time he was fully clothed and no sticks were coming! No matter to him!!! He set out screaming!!! Really screaming!!! And when I didn't respond he started hitting me and then hitting himself. I had 2 choices, get him naked and stick his hiney in the hand sink (which would only feed his fire!) or just deal with him. I chose the latter and we just talked over his screaming and fit! I do feel bad for the other patients though! This really seems to be a new way of life for Asa and us. I keep writing blogs about it in my head but don't put them on paper. Maybe soon though. No promises though!!!

So the GI appt was great and we go back in 4 months!!! Sure beats weekly weight checks!!

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