Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inchstones, inchstones and more inchstones!!!

This has been a pretty exciting few days. In little ways but each little thing is HUGE to me!

Yesterday, I was on the treadmill and Asa had been playing on the couch. After a while he got bored and wanted down. I was trying to tell him to lay down and slide off. He understood what I was telling him but he wasn't about to slide off the couch by himself! Once I got done I helped him down and we did it several other times. We've also worked on it today. He is almost doing it on his own now!!! If he is sitting with me then he will roll over and slide down. If I'm not sitting next to him then he is more hesitant! Still this is progress!! Huge progress! I'm sure I won't be so excited when I can no longer put him in the chair and trust that he'll be there when I turn my back!

He also cruised along the couch 3 times with no one helping him. In fact we weren't even trying to lure him! We were just hanging out with him standing at the couch (inchstone enough that he'd stand up alone!) and then he shuffled over to me! So fun!!!

And....can you believe there is an AND.....Asa has been going from sitting to laying down on his own. He can sit fine but he can't get into or out of sitting alone. So he had been laying down on his own when Gracie taught him a trick! She holds her finger like a gun and says "bang, bang" and he falls over and lays down!!! By the time I got my camera out he was so gigglely that he just wouldn't sit up at all! We were all cracking up!!

And another AND! Asa ate a whole Gerber Entree meal!!! It was mashed potato, gravy and carrots. He can't really handle the chicken so good but I did chop up 2 pieces and he got them down. He starts out really chewing but slows down so much and by the time I call it or he signs "done", he is just rolling the food around! Oh and did I say it took him 2 sittings to finish it? He had part of it at lunch and part at supper. Still it was one less cup of pedisure for the day! 

Hmmmm, that may be all for now. There are other improvements like he is humming and grunting more. Kinda like a conversation I guess. Still no words but he sure thinks he is telling us stories sometimes. 

And he is steadier when we hold his hands to walk him. In fact he will squirm away from our carrying him so he can try to walk! I've got his gait trainer stripped down and I'll have to take a pic of him to show you! 

He is also obsessed with our barstools and the aquarium on the bar! I mean OCD obsessed! So much so that we took the barstools away! Gotta find some cheap ones with backs and sides! He loves sitting up there!!! 

So I guess this has turned into a pretty long celebration! Praise God!!! I've got videos but I can't load them onto YouTube until I get WiFi, so be patient! Of course the videos are 5 minutes of us coaxing Asa or him hanging out and then 5 seconds of his skill! That's ok though!!! They are priceless!!! 

To God be the glory!!!  

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Cheryl and Bricen said...

To God be the glory is right!!! Such huge inchstones. I'm so excited reading this post. Following his journey with you guys for the past couple of years has been a blessing...give Asa a kiss from me and Bricen!