Monday, February 7, 2011

Wonderful Friends

Yesterday, I spent most of the day with some wonderful friends. There are 4 mito families in our area and the Momas try to get together every couple of months for a meal and chatting. We mostly talk, if we ate as long as we talk we'd all be big as houses!! We started out meeting for supper or a late lunch but we'd stay until bedtime so we started meeting for an early lunch. And still, we talk until until the hubbies have to call looking for us. Yesterday, we met for breakfast so I could be back earlier. And still, I had to drag myself away at 3pm, despite meeting at 9:30am!! By the time we paid, our tickets had been kicked out of the system! Now just so you don't pity the restaurant we choose, there was plenty of available tables all day and we tipped our waitress well! I figure she is probably thankful that she got the same tip and only had to refill our water glasses a few times.

You may wonder what we really have to talk about for that long. We do have tons of medical talk but we also have regular talk. We shared tips on hotels in Houston, how to get nursing or the diapers we need, different therapies and meds, specialist but also talked about school and homework, cooking and hubbies. I've always thought being a stay at home mom is kinda isolating but being a sn mom is even more isolating! I'm so thankful that I've got this great, funny, smart, fighting group of women to give me confidence and cheer me on!

And one of these awesome families is the Culley family!! They are from Millington. Emily and John have 3 kids and their youngest has a form of mito called Leigh's. I don't think many would argue that it is a devestating, severe form of mito. But Jackson's family is so amazing! They fight, advocate and work their hineys off to get the best care and info and help for Jackson! Last year they held the 1st Annual Mito-What? 5K in honor of Jackson. The proceeds of the race went to the UMDF. Nearly $20,000!!!! How amazing is that! Just one family touching the lives of others, spurring some wonderful ladies to organize this run and more than 500 runners, walkers, families and voluteers turning out to raise money to find a cure for Jackson and Asa and Bryan and Emma!

And it is that time again! The 2nd Annual Jackson Culley Mito-What? 5K will be on March 26 in Millington TN. If you are local and a runner, this is one well organized run that you'll want to do over and over. If you aren't a runner but want to come with our family to walk and raise money then we'd love to have you! If you can't come but want to be part of the amazing day then you can sponsor me as a Mito Hero!! I need 15 friends to donate $10! That's the price of one lunch out!

And the sooner you register the better! Only the first 200 are guaranteed a shirt. And the Mito Hero money needs to be collected by March 1st! That's 2 weeks away!!! Really just 2 weeks!!!! I'm printing and mailing our registration in this week! You can also register online! It's just when you do it X5 that processing fee adds up!

So if you choose to participate you have several options!

1. You can register and run or walk with us on March 26 in Millington.
2. You can help me be a Mito Hero by sponsoring me for just $10.
3. You can share with all your friends and family. Maybe they'd like to compete or walk with us. Or maybe they'd just like to help out a Mito Hero.
4. If you are a business and want to be a sponsor there is plenty of room for that too.

In all cases, go to the Mito-What? 5K blog for info and registration. The registation link is on the upper right hand side. I know Asa, Jackson, Bryan and Emma would appreciate you standing up for them! And so would their Moma's because despite our marathon breakfast we didn't cure mito or even develop a treatment! Who knows though, with your help we will be one step closer!!

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Kim I think you and your family are amazing. I love reading your blog. Benita