Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to school they go!

Today is the last day of summer break! It's back to the grind tomorrow! Anna will be a freshman starting high school, Cade will be in 5th grade and Gracie in 3rd grade at the same school. Asa will start out in the same class as last year but transition to another school before Christmas.

The high school didn't have an open house or meet your teacher night. Apparently teenagers don't want or need their parents checking up on them and school! Suuuuure! 3 of her 4 classes are honor classes this semester. I was hoping she'd have 2 this semester and 2 next semester. I'm sure she'll be fine but I just hope she isn't so busy that she can't enjoy this new adventure! Lots of changes!!

We went to the Meet Your Teacher night at Cade and Gracie's elementary school last week. This will be Cade's last year at this school. I really love our school! The teachers are great and many live in the community or have been at our school for many, many years. I think this gives us a community school kind of feel. Many of Anna's teachers have had Cade and Gracie as they've moved up. I just love that about our school.

This year 5th grade changed up a bit. Cade is still in a class with kids he's been friends with since Kindergarten. Their teacher is new to our school and the kids will rotate between 3 teachers. Getting ready for Middle School! His homeroom teacher is young and pretty so we teased that 5th grade may be the year the boys actually will love going to school!

Gracie is thrilled with the teacher she got this year. All summer long she's said she is getting Mrs. Sanders. I tried to tell her that we didn't know who she'd have but she was insistent that she had Mrs. Sanders! Thank goodness her name was on Mrs. Sanders door! I'm pretty sure that she'd gone in and sat down anyway! On a side note, I told Cade that I'd go with Gracie to her class when they called 3rd grade and then meet him at his room when we finished. Gracie told me she wasn't scared and wanted me to go with Cade so she could go by herself and with a friend! So that's what we did!

Then went to Asa's open house yesterday. All last year he never really cried when I left. He'd cry when I picked him up, like he was just realizing he missed me! We started talking about school last week just to remind him. As we drove to the school I think Asa was remembering the route. He was looking out the window and doing a happy hum. As we turned on the road the school is on and saw the buses he got quiet though! We parked and got in the front door and all was ok. We went to his room and it wasn't ok!!! He started crying and wailing. I took him out of the wheel chair and held him. Still crying! His teacher came to say "hi" and he turned his face into my neck and cried "nooo"!!! First word?! It sure sounded like a real "no"!! He did go to the assistant but only for a second. He spent the next 10 minutes in a near solid cry and sob, getting all hot and red faced! He quieted down for a few rounds of a computer game but that was only for a few minutes. He did give both teachers a high five when we left! We left out the classroom door instead of going out the front so Asa's screams wouldn't frighten any wary Pre-Kers or Kindergarteners! I'm a little nervous about him tomorrow!

I'm gonna miss summer break, probably more than my kids. Don't tell them though! I'm gonna miss sleeping in, days with no activities, pool days, pj days and just fun, no work! I have a feeling that homework is gonna be a booger for all 3 this year. And after school time is the worst time of day for Asa! I'm really not looking forward to that! But maybe I'll be wrong!

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